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"I think the NGNE programme is very helpful. I have experienced the educational environment in a different country. It is very difficult to know what to do at first, for example, I do not know what tutorials are, but gradually I can get used to it. Besides, my supervisor is very nice. She and her students gave me many suggestions on my project. The weekly meeting helps me to correct my mistakes during my research. The corona virus causes a lot of trouble at the end of the programme, for example, it is difficult to return to China. However, the NUS and NGNE programme staff provide us a lot of assistance during such hard times. Therefore, I think it is very wonderful."
— Participant from Zhejiang University 
"I would like to thank NUS SoC for giving me the opportunity to attend the NGNE programme. Although it was difficult to adapt to the workload at first, I did feel that my professional skills and psychological ability have both improved a lot in the end because of the top-class learning experience and the excellent academic resources provided here. Since I participate in the NGNE programme, I’ve always had an idea about joining the MComp programme, and regard it as a goal. The experience and gains of this semester strengthen my idea even more. I will always be thankful for this experience and all the help from teachers, staff and classmates."
— Participant from Sichuan University
"I have had a wonderful time with Professor Teo, and I would like to express my sincere appreciation to him. From the determination of the project theme, to the daily research and study, and finally to the revision of the report, Prof Teo took countless time to give me careful guidance and continued support from all aspects. Professor Teo's rigorous attitude in scientific research deeply affected me, which I think I will enjoy the benefit all my life."
— Participant from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
"My supervisor was Prof Leong and we worked on a project about dynamic decision making and reinforcement learning on a robot simulation platform. It aims to design a high-level language which allows the users to specify their problem and automatically build a mathematical model and then solve the problem. The topic is very abstract for me at the beginning, but with the guidance of Prof Leong, I successfully understood its meaning, realized the target interface and applied RL algorithms onto the target platform.

Prof Leong and everyone in her group are very nice! We arranged group meetings every week, in which we shared the papers read recently, the progress of our projects and new research results with each other. These experiences helped me improve my research ability and I have to say thank you to everyone!

Since this is a special period, it's difficult to return to my home country, so I applied to Prof Leong for an internship this summer and she agrees. It's very happy to have more time with the group and do some related research work here."

— Participant from Xi'an Jiaotong University
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