18th International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems


  • Jifeng HE (何积丰), Professor, Software Engineering Institute, East China Normal University, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He graduated in 1965 from Fudan University majoring in mathematics. He is currently the dean of the Institute of Software of East China Normal University. Prof. He's research interests include credible and information security theory, formal method, concurrent programming, theory, embedded system design methods and tools, hybrid system hardware, and software co-design computer software and theory. He was elected a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005. He Jifeng's research interests include sound methods for the specification of computer systems, communications, application and standards, and techniques for designing and implementing those specifications in software and/or hardware with high reliability.
  • Shinichi Honiden (本位田真一), Deputy Director General, National Institute of Informatics (NII), Director, Center for Global Research in Advanced Software Science and Engineering (GRACE Center), Professor, Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, Visiting Professor, UCL (University College London) in the UK, Visiting Professor, Waseda University. He undertook this Ph.D degree in 1986 from Waseda University. His research interests cover the Software Engineering, Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, Ubiquitous Computing, Contents Distribution and Distributed Computing.
  • Cliff Jones, Professor, Newcastle University. As well as his academic career, Cliff has spent over twenty years in industry. His fifteen years in IBM saw, among other things, the creation with colleagues in the renowned Vienna Lab of VDM which is one of the better known "formal methods". Under Tony Hoare, Cliff wrote his Oxford doctoral thesis in two years. From Oxford, he moved directly to a chair at Manchester University where he built a world-class Formal Methods group. During his time at Manchester, Cliff had a 5-year Senior Fellowship from the research council and later spent a sabbatical at Cambridge for the whole of the Newton Institute event on "Semantics". In 1996 he moved to Harlequin, directing some fifty developers on Information Management projects and finally became overall Technical Director before leaving to rejoin academia in 1999. Much of his research at this time focused on formal (compositional) development methods for concurrent systems. Cliff is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng), ACM, BCS, and IET.