Abhik Roychoudhury - Professor (Lead PI)
Liang Zhenkai - Associate Professor (Co-PI)
Prateek Saxena - Assistant Professor (Co-PI)
Dong Jin Song - Professor (Co-PI)
  • Design analysis and verification
  • Context awareness and pervasive computing
  • Real-time concurrent system specification
  • Web semantics, services, agent and reasoning
  • Formal methods and safety critical systems
  • Object, component, and language semantics
Chang Ee-chien - Associate Professor (Co-PI)
Roland Yap - Associate Professor (Co-PI)
Karen Teh - Acting Head Engineering [DSTA, Singapore]
Kan Pak Leng - CTO [ST Infocomm Security]
Eugene Teo - Senior Manager [Symantec, SG]
Douglas Tang - Business Lead (Cyber-security) and Senior Director Information management (Cybersecurity) - [NEC Labs, SG]
Ruby B. Lee - Chair Professor (Princeton)
Andrew Martin - Professor (Oxford)
Luke Ong - Professor (Oxford)
Tulika Mitra - Associate Professor (NUS)
Alessandro Orso - Professor (Georgia Tech)
Elaine Shi - Assistant Professor (Maryland)
  • Privacy, applied cryptography, system security, language-based security, Trusted Computing, as well as security and privacy technologies for cloud computing and ubiquitous computing
Dawn Song - Associate Professor (UC Berkeley)
Gregory Duck
Marcel Bohme
Naipeng Dong
Thuan Pham Van
Shin Hwei Tan
Chua Zheng Leong
Sergey Mechtaev
Toan Nguyen Manh
  • Computer engineering
Edwin Lesmana Tjiong
  • Fuzzing
  • Automated Repair
Komondoor V. Raghavan - Associate Professor
Luke Ong - Professor
Subhajit Roy - Assistant Professor
Dawn Song - Professor