TEO Tat Khai

Part-Time Lecturer
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Research Areas

Research Interests

  • Application of ICT in healthcare and medical research
  • Productisation and Commercialisation of R&D


Tat Khai (TK) has a background in R&D (both academic institution and R&D Labs with MNCs), commercialisation of R&D with leading multinationals, co-ordination of global R&D projects, and global product launch. He led profitable businesses during the Asian financial crisis (late 90s) as well as the crash of dot-coms. He facilitated dozens of start-ups across the Asia Pacific region and coordinated joint efforts among government agencies and business chambers/associations to help Singapore companies across a wide spectrum of industries venture into global markets. In 1988, TK published a research paper titled 'Software Virus', the same year the term made headlines all over the world. It was one of the first, if not the first, research papers on software virus in Asia. Former positions held: Head of regional (Asia Pacific) teams and regional business units for North American and European MNCs (including NorTel and Intel) CEO and deputy-CEO equivalent positions in the industry as well as major not-for-profit institutions Judge for Start-Up@Singapore for close to a decade Chairperson of Singapore IEEE Computer Chapter Member of several Steering Committees including that for iDA's Infocomm Award Visiting Professor for an MFin/MBA-equivalent program in China Deputy Secretary-General of a leading state-sponsored expo in China, co-sponsored by the regional governments TK started computing as a hobbyist. As a student, he developed an AI Expert System Inference Engine from scratch, and was invited to present it at various computer clubs and societies. During the 80s, he implemented a 16PF Expert System for Human Resource development which was adopted by public listed companies in Singapore. TK enjoys Chinese Chess and Tai-chi. He is a father of three.

Current Projects

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Teaching (2020/2021)

  • IS5007: Strategising for Global IT-enabled Business Success
  • IS4225: Strategic IS Planning (2010-2017)