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11 December 2023

DISA Highlights

NUS collaborates with Thai universities to organise the Fourth Research Workshop in Thailand
27 March 2024
The workshop was held from 9 to 10 March and aims to help participants considering pursuing graduate studies in a ...
NUS Computing students came back with stellar results at ICPC Asia Pacific Championship
27 March 2024
Between 29 February to 3 March, Team absinthe went against 64 strong teams and emerged second place, just behind the ...
Faculty Teaching Excellence Award 2024
9 February 2024
A total of 20 NUS Computing faculty members were honoured with Teaching Excellence awards on 26 January 2024. The NUS ...
Ripple x NUS FinTech Lab
17 January 2024
The FinTech Lab at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) School of Computing has received a generous grant of US$1 ...
Provost’s Chair Professor Teo Hock Hai and Associate Professor Tan Chuan Hoo earns the Information Management Research Award
12 January 2024
The Chinese Economic Society has awarded NUS Computing Provost’s Chair Professor Teo Hock Hai and Associate Professor Tan Chuan Hoo ...
Sandra Slaughter Service award-Atreyi Kankanhalli
9 January 2024
Congratulations to Dr Atreyi Kankanhalli for winning the Association for Information Systems (AIS) Sandra Slaughter Service Award. This award recognises ...

DISA Features

Startup Funding
15 December 2023
Roughly a decade ago, there was a big shake-up to the startup world. Entrepreneurs looking to fund their latest business ...
Policing the dark web: can targeting large vendors curb further drug sales?
30 November 2023
One day in May 2014, law enforcement officials swooped down on a warehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area. There ...
Creating mobile health apps that factor in the weather
2 November 2023
All across the developed world, people are living increasingly sedentary lives. The average adult spends more than half their day ...
What do government subsidies say about a firm’s value to IPO investors?
6 October 2023
In late 2017, two friends were struggling to make rent in San Francisco, a city known for its notoriously high ...
Exercise mobile application
26 July 2023
If you like to dabble in exercise — whether as a weekend warrior, Ironman contender, or somewhere in between — ...
4 January 2023
As any Ph.D. student will tell you, paychecks at that level aren’t especially generous. “I was always trying to find ...

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