We conduct rigorous, industry-relevant research with a profound impact, seamlessly integrating it into the education of upcoming generations of students.

Over S$200 million in funds support our research projects, which range from improving open source software applications, to developing advanced, high-fidelity prototypes for commercial use.​

We value the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship — offering support in the form of our in-house startup incubator, The Furnace, which has nurtured more than 50 active companies founded by our staff and alumni to date.

Our Research Areas

Our research spans a broad spectrum of dynamic and evolving domains that hold a pivotal role in the modern landscape of technology, business, and decision-making. It extends from fundamental business data analytics techniques to sophisticated intelligent system solutions, including practical research in areas like FinTech and healthcare informatics.

Our Research Centres

Our dedicated research centres draw the world’s best and brightest minds, setting the standard for applying information systems and analytics to drive positive change in the world.

AI Singapore
Asian Institute of Digital Finance (AIDF)
Centre for Technology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & the Law (TRAIL)
NUS FinTech Lab
Health Informatics Internet of Things (HIIoT)
Institute for Applied Learning Sciences and Educational Technology (ALSET)
SIA-NUS Digital Aviation Corporate Laboratory