Managerial Economics, 3d edn

Ivan Png & Dale Lehman

Blackwell Publishers

ISBN 9781405160476

Managerial Economics, Asia Pacific Edition




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Managerial Economics develops simple, practical tools and concepts for business students as well as practical managers. Written in simple, accessible style, the text-book presents the essentials of managerial economics.

It uniquely integrates the discipline to other managerial functions, including accounting, finance, human resource management, and marketing. Managerial Economics teaches students how to make better business decisions, not how to build models.

Chapter mini-cases

  1. Airbus v. Boeing

  2. SUVs and gasoline prices

  3. New York MTA Subway

  4. Bestar, Canadian furniture manufacturer

  5. Frontline, independent tanker operator

  6. China's food crisis

  7. Airbus and Boeing

  8. Eli Lilly: Prozac

  9. Emirates Airlines

  10. Coke vs. Pepsi

  11. Sprint and Nextel

  12. General Growth REIT

  13. The Hartford

  14. Airbus

  15. Consolidated Edison

"The text is well-written and accessible.  The case studies are fantastic - so often authors oversell the examples, but they are just right in this book. They are treated as illustrations rather than evidence.  The introductory examples in each chapter are outstanding."

Kenneth Corts, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

"The level is exactly right for my MBA and P-MBA students.  I think it is very important, at the MBA level, to have context-specific questions and Png and Lehman have met this test. The case studies are an extremely valuable component of the book."

Brian Kench, John H. Sykes College of Business, University of Tampa


"We recommend this text because it provides high-quality exposition of complex topics using numerous relevant and informative case examples. It continues to be well-organized and excellently explained."

Edward Jones, Management School and Economics, University of Edinburgh