I hail from Washington, D.C. in the US. I may have a Chinese name and may look Chinese, but I still have a hard time understanding Mandarin (I understand Cantonese a bit better). I enjoy most solitary sports, including inline skating, rock climbing and scuba diving. My music interests include classical (Mahler, Bach), drum and bass (LTJ Bukem), trip-hop (Massive Attack) and Lounge (Zero 7). For DnB, Makoto Shimizu has been producing a podcast since Feb 2006.

For my Ph.D. at Columbia University, I was jointly advised by Professor Kathleen McKeown of the Computer Science department and Dr. Judith Klavans of the Center for Research on Information Access.

Progress Log

I keep weekly reports of the progress (or lack thereof) I have made in my research. Right now I use my TiddyWiki more to take notes and progress logs.

Older logs, kept on a weekly basis: