What versions of PowerPoint does PowerPointLabs work with?
PowerPointLabs supports PowerPoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 on Windows.

Does PowerPointLabs support Mac Office?
It does not work for Mac Office at the moment.

Do I need PowerPointLabs installed when I present?
Nope! The presentations created with PowerPointLabs can be opened and presented even without the plugin installed - you can display them on other computers without needing to install the plugin on them.

How do I get new versions of PowerPointLabs?
You don't need to do a thing; PowerPointLabs will update itself automatically.

Will PowerPointLabs work with my templates?
Definitely! PowerPointLabs works fine with any PowerPoint template.

When I install PowerPointLabs, This message box shows up:

“A corrupted system file is detected. In order to install our add-in, you may need to rename the file [VSTOInstaller.exe.Config] in the folder ... to the new filename [VSTOInstaller.exe.Config.backup]. However, in some PCs, the corrupted system file won't affect the installation. Click OK button to continue.”.

What should I do?
You can click the OK button to proceed. If installation fails and installer shows any error message, you will need to install again, follow the instruction in the message box to rename the file [VSTOInstaller.exe.Config], and then continue installation.

After install, no PowerPointLabs ribbon appears?
Restart PowerPoint, see if it appears. If not, follow these steps to re-activate PowerPointLabs:
1. In the PowerPoint application, click the File tab at the top left corner.
2. Click the Options button.
3. In the categories pane, click Add-ins.
4. In the Manage box, click Go.
5. Tick the checkbox for PowerPointLabs to enable it, click OK and restart PowerPoint.

If it still does not work, follow these steps:
6. Open PowerPoint Options.
7. Click Trust Center (the last tab).
8. Click Trust Center Settings... button in the Trust Center tab. A Trust Center window will be open.
9. Click Add-ins tab in the Trust Center window
10. Uncheck all checkboxes in it.
11. After that, repeat step 1~5 to enable PowerPointLabs