PowerPoint, supercharged.

Impressive presentations made easy.

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For PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013 on Windows.

The typical PowerPoint presentation isn't very interesting. Walls of text or bullet points, with few visuals - it's no wonder audiences find it hard to pay attention.

Your slides don't have to be this way, and it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to make them better.

PowerPointLabs makes creating engaging PowerPoint presentations easy. Check out what it can do for you below.

Point-by-point highlights.

Highlight individual bullet points to show what you're describing. [More]

Light up your slides.

Draw a region of any shape, and use spotlight to attract your audience's attention to it. [More]

Easily transition from A to B.

Show where objects start, and where they should go. Auto animate takes care of the rest. [More]

In-slide animations, simplified.

Animate In Slide makes custom animations a breeze. [More]

Create narration without effort.

Auto Narrate creates audio explanations from your speaker notes - perfect for self-learning materials. [More]

Caption with a click.

Want subtitles with your narration? Auto Captions makes it a one-click process. [More]

Zoom and Pan.

Easily zoom in on and pan between parts of the slide with Zoom to Area. [More]

Drill down. Step back.

Use Drill Down to effortlessly drill down to the details, then step back out to see the whole picture. [More]

Cut it out.

Need just part of an image? Auto Crop lets you cut it, no image editor necessary. [More]

Add a splash of color.

The Colors Lab makes picking colors a snap, even from outside PowerPoint. [More]

Save the shapes, and your effort.

Add shapes or other elements to the Shapes Lab, and reuse them easily in any presentation. [More]