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PEH Li Shiuan

Provost's Chair Professor

  • Ph.D. (Computer Science, Stanford University, 2001)
  • B.S. (Computer Science, National University of Singapore, 1995)

PEH Li Shiuan joins NUS as Provost’s Chair Professor in the Department of Computer Science, with a courtesy appointment in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in September 2016. Previously, she was Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT and was on the faculty of MIT since 2009. She was also the Associate Director for Outreach of the Singapore-MIT Alliance of Research & Technology (SMART) from 2014-2016. Prior to MIT, she was on the faculty of Princeton University from 2002. She graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2001, and a B.S. in Computing from the National University of Singapore in 1995. Her research focuses on networked computing, in many-core chips as well as mobile wireless systems. She received the IEEE Fellow in 2017, NRF Returning Singaporean Scientist Award in 2016, ACM Distinguished Scientist Award in 2011, MICRO Hall of Fame in 2011, CRA Anita Borg Early Career Award in 2007, Sloan Research Fellowship in 2006, and the NSF CAREER award in 2003.



  • On-chip Networks

  • Parallel Architectures

  • Mobile Computing


Next-Generation Devices for Future Smart Cities

On-Body Computing for Next-Generation Wearable Systems

Research Programme in Assuring Hardware Security by Design in Systems on Chip (SOCure)




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  • Li-Shiuan Peh and William J. Dally, "A Delay Model and Speculative Architecture for Pipelined Routers," In Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture HPCA, January 2001 Best paper award.


  • IEEE Fellow, 2017.

  • National Research Foundation Returning Singaporean Scientist Award, 2016.

  • IEEE Senior Member, 2015.

  • ACM Distinguished Scientist, 2011.

  • MICRO Hall of Fame Award, 2011.

  • Princeton Engineering Council Excellence in Teaching Award, 2007.

  • Inclusion in "Princeton Engineering Commendation List for Outstanding Teaching", 2007.

  • Computing Research Association CRA-W Anita Borg Early Career Award, 2007.

  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellow, 2006.

  • Princeton University E. Lawrence Keys/Emerson Electric Co. Faculty Advancement Award, 2004.

  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2003.

  • Princeton University Research Board Award, 2003.


Computer Engineering Capstone Project


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Provost’s Chair Professor Peh Li Shiuan
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