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WANG Qiuhong

Senior Lecturer (Educator Track)
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Studies

  • PhD, Department of Information Systems, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Master of Engineering, Department of Computer Architecture, Huazhong University of Science & Technology.
  • Bachelor with Dual Degrees in Engineering and Economics, Department of Computer Software, Department of Finance, Huazhong University of Science & Technology.

Qiu-Hong’s expertise lies in the field of economics of information systems, with a specific emphasis on cybersecurity policy and threat analytics. She conducted pioneering and comprehensive research on the effects and mechanisms concerning the enforcement of cybercrimes, encompassing frameworks such as the Convention on Cybercrimes and the Computer Misuse Acts. A significant part of Qiu-Hong's work involves utilising extensive data on internet topology, firewall logs and user-generated-content in online social platforms. She employs this data to develop models for critical infrastructure and to infer and analyse cyber threats using machine learning methods and networking techniques. Her research has been published in MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, Communications of the ACM, Decision Support Systems, Information Systems Frontier, and IEEE Security & Privacy.


  • Cybersecurity Policy Analytics

  • Economics of Information Systems





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  • Della Suantio Fellowship, Singapore Management University, 2018

  • Lee Kong Chian Fellowship for Research Excellence, Singapore Management University, 2017

  • New Century Talents Award, Ministry of Education, P.R. China, 2012

  • “Marginal deterrence in the enforcement of law: Evidence from distributed denial of service attack,” Workshop on Analytics for Business, Consumer and Social Insights (BCSI). 5 August 2013, Singapore. (Best Faculty Research Paper Award)

  • Award of ICIS 2005 Doctoral Consortium Fellow, Las Vegas, Nevada, December 2005

  • The President's Graduate Fellowship, National University of Singapore, 2002


Mining Web Data for Business Insights
Legal Aspects of Information Technology
Strategic Cybersecurity


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