Healthcare Informatics Research Projects


Implementation of Empowering Diabetic Patients

TEO Hock Hai

Enhancing diabetes care through EMPOWER app upgrades, integrating wearables, expanding food database, AI health coaching, and continuous glucose monitoring for select participants.

EMPOWERing Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) in Primary Care through App-based Motivational Interviewing

TEO Hock Hai

Enhancing diabetes management involves a mobile app-based approach. By combining motivational interviewing (MI) and AI-powered nudges, we empower behavior change and shared decision-making in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

QuitTogether: A Technology-Based "Narrative Therapist" for Smoking Cessation

TEO Hock Hai

QuitTogether addresses the global health burden of smoking-related health issues. It recognizes differing views on agency in addiction treatment and uses Narrative Therapy techniques to enable smokers to construct healthier life stories, aiding in quitting smoking.

Explainable Risk Models for Heterogeneous Patient Populations in Critical Care

Vaibhav RAJAN

This project aims to improve the accuracy and explainability of clinical risk prediction (e.g., of unforeseen adverse events) in critical care by explicitly modeling underlying heterogeneous subpopulations and through the use of auxiliary knowledge.

Personalized Treatment Prediction for Therapy-resistant Cancers

Vaibhav RAJAN

Cancer treatment is becoming highly personalized, where a patient's genomic characteristics are used to determine appropriate therapy choices. In this project we address the algorithmic challenges of learning from genomic data and electronic medical records in light of continuously evolving biomedical knowledge, to support treatment decision making.

  • TRL 7

Designing and Evaluating Healthcare QA Assistants: A Knowledge Based Approach


Healthcare question answer (QA) assistants address user health queries, tackling challenges like misinformation and information overload. This project explores integrating language models (LMs) and knowledge graphs (KG) to enhance the design and evaluation of healthcare QA systems.

  • Smart Technology Design and Deployment for Patient Care

iTILES: Independent Living, Tile by Tile

Suranga Chandima NANAYAKKARA

iTILES is a playware system that combines interactive tiles, mobile apps, and data analytics to improve users' functional and cognitive abilities through engaging gameplay. It collects data through multi-sensory inputs and provides therapists and users with actionable insights to optimize their rehabilitation journey.

  • Smart Technology Design and Deployment for Patient Care

Digitalization of Healthcare Services

TAN Chuan Hoo

The healthcare sector is undergoing a major digital transformation due to rapidly changing demographic populations. This project examines the design, implementation, and usage of digital technology among healthcare workers in hospital settings.