Cooperative Research with Hospitals

We are conducting cooperative research with hospitals.

Figure 1: Cooperative research

Figure 1 gives an overview of our cooperative research projects with hospitals. Instead of solving individual problems, we work with multiple projects with several hospitals. We collect their needs and propose general analytical platform. We use practical problems to drive our research and system development – however, we do abstraction, and focus on solving common challenges.

We are cooperating with hospitals in many applications shown below.

Readmission Prediction

1 In this application, we are interested in predicting the risk of 30-day readmission and recommending risk factors for each patient.

Disease Progression Modelling

2 In this application, we are developing time series model to predict the disease progression trajectory of chronic kidney disease patients.

Food Health Analysis

3 In this application, we are developing an easy-to-use app to record users' daily nutrient estimates with journal entries for achieving a well-balanced diet.

MRI/X-Ray Analytics

4 In this application, we are developing innovative convolutional neural networks to detect pulmonary nodule and estimate bone age.

Cohort Analysis for COVID-19

5 In this application, we are developing a cohort analysis tool (COOL) to quantify the causal relationship between certain actions and disease control/curation.

Acute Kidney Injury Prediction

6 In this application, we are developing interpretable models to identify the risk of developing Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).

Automatic spinal stenosis detection

7 In this application, We develop AI techniques to automatically detect spine related disease on MRI images (three types of spinal stenosis), i.e., lateral stenosis, central stenosis, foramina stenosis.