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School of Computing

Min-Yen Kan (靳民彦)

Associate Professor

Vice Dean, Undergraduate Office
COM3 02-30
11 Research Link
National University of Singapore
Singapore 119391
kanmy@comp.nus.edu.sg (GPG Key | ORCID)
knmnyn@nus.edu.sg knmnyn@skype
P: ++ (65) 6516-1885 | F: ++ (65) 6779-4580

I'll be facitating a section of CS6101 Explorations of Computer Science Research (this time on Large Language Models) for Semester I, and the L1 section of our CS4248 Natural Language Processing for Semester II (L2 is coordinated with us, and taught by Prof. Chris von der Weth) for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Past introductory level course materials (i.e., CS 1xxx) can be found in IVLE. For such courses, I do not maintain a separate web page.

While at SoC, I have taught:

I was awarded the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award in 2016 for my teaching performance in 2015.

I have taught a three day practical natural language processing course, geared towards industry participants. The slides and materials are open for others to use and learn from as needed.

I have also taught CSW 3131 Y (Data Structures and Algorithms) in the Spring of 1999 at Columbia University, while I was a graduate student.

Doing research as an undergraduate or planning to? Read my notes on FYP/UROP projects.