Anthony TUNG

Deputy Head, Department Of Computer Science

Ph.D. (Computer Science, Simon Fraser University, 2001)
M.Sc. (Information Systems & Computer Science, National University of Singapore, 1998)
B.Sc. (Information Systems & Computer Science, 2nd Class Upper Honours, National University of Singapore, 1997)
651 66389

Research Areas

  • Database

Research Interests

  • Indexing and Searching Complex Objects
  • Time series, Trajectories, Trees, Graphs, High dimensional objects
  • Query Interface
  • Keyword Search
  • Ranking and Preference Elicitation
  • Visual Query
  • Mining Complex Objects
  • Visual Data Mining
  • Collaborative Analytics System
  • Just-In-Time Model Construction


Anthony K. H. Tung is currently a Professor in the Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore (NUS). He received both his B.Sc.(2nd Class Honour) and M.Sc. in computer sciences from the National University of Singapore in 1997 and 1998 respectively. In 2001, he receives the Ph.D. in computer sciences from Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Current Projects

  • Readpeer( : Collaborative Book Annotations and Enrichment
  • Trendspedia( Collaborative Visual Analytics on Dynamic Web Content for the Masses
  • ARshop(http://dbgpucluster‐ Augmented Reality for Shopping
  • LAMP and GENIE( Dynamic Predictive Analytics using Just‐In‐ Time Model Construction and Aggregation

Selected Publications

  • Refer to

Awards & Honours

  • 2005 Best Paper Award for the paper “Indexing DNA Sequences Using q‐grams”.
  • Xia Cao, Shuai Cheng Li, Anthony K. H. Tung. DASFAA 2005 4‐16.
  • 2007 Invited panel speaker on the topic “Advice for a successful database researcher career in Asia”, New Research Symposium, SIGMOD 2007. (‐schedule.html)
  • 2010 Guest Lecturer for VLDB Database School
  • 2012 VLDB 2012 Research PC Co‐chairs
  • 2015 10 Years Best Paper Award, DASFAA 2015

Teaching (2020/2021)

  • CS6220: Advanced Topics in Data Mining