TAY Yong Chiang

Ph.D. (Applied Mathematics, Harvard University)
B.Sc. (Mathematics, Honours, University of Singapore)
651 68926


Research Areas

  • Algorithms & Theory

Research Interests

  • Analytical Performance Modeling
  • Application-Specific Benchmarking
  • Cache Misses
  • Caching Systems
  • Computer Network Performance
  • Local Time in Distributed Systems


Prof. Tay received his BSc degree from the University of Singapore and his PhD degree from Harvard University. He is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics, and a Resident Fellow at Tembusu College. His main research interests are performance modelling (caching systems, wireless protocols, Internet traffic, database transactions) and database systems (synthetic generation of data, social networks and concurrency control). He has an enduring interest in the use of local time in distributed computing. His publications appear in JACM, ACM TODS, ACM TOCS, ACM TOS, JCSS, JSAC, PEVA, OR, ACM PODS, SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, CoNEXT, INFOCOM, ASONAM, RTSS, etc. Prof. Tay was a Member of Technical Staff at Sequoia Systems (a startup that built a tightly-coupled multiprocessor machine for transaction processing), a consultant for WindowsNT Performance Group at Microsoft (Redmond), Visiting Faculty at Intel Research (Cambridge), and Scholar-in-Residence at VMware (Palo Alto). He has spent sabbaticals at Princeton, MIT, UCLA and National Taiwan University. He was a member of the Editorial Board for VLDB Journal, and is currently a Senior Associate Editor for ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems (TOMPECS). He has served on many conference Program Committees, including SIGMETRICS, SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, IFIP Performance and IFIP Networking. Prof. Tay has won several teaching awards at the Faculty of Science and School of Computing. He is the author of Analytical Performance Modeling for Computer Systems (Morgan & Claypool) and Locking Performance in Centralized Databases (Academic Press).

Current Projects

  • A scientific analysis of cache replacement policies.
  • Synthetically scaling an empirical dataset.
  • Estimation of minimum latency and maximum throughput of network connections.

Selected Publications

  • Y.C. Tay.
    A technique to estimate a system's asymptotic delay and throughput.
    Proc. IFIP Performance Conference,
    New York, USA (Nov. 2017), 156--159. 

  • Y.C. Tay. 
    Data Generation for Application-Specific Benchmarking.
    Proc. VLDB 2011 (Challenges and Visions Track), 1470-1473 (Aug. 2011).

  • Y.C. Tay, D.N. Tran, E.Y. Liu, W.T. Ooi and R. Morris.
    Equilibrium analysis through separation of user and network behavior.
    Computer Networks 52, 18 (Dec. 2008), 3405--3420.

  • Y.C. Tay and M. Zou.
    A page fault equation for modeling the effect of memory size.
    Performance Evaluation 63, 2(Feb. 2006), 99--130.

  • Y.C. Tay and K.C. Chua.
    A capacity analysis for the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol.
    Wireless Networks 7, 2(March 2001), 159--171. 

  • Y.C. Tay and W. Tim Loke.
    On deadlocks of exclusive AND-requests for resources.
    Distributed Computing 9, 2 (1995), 77--94.

  • Y.C. Tay.
    On the optimality of strategies for multiple joins.
    J. ACM 40, 5 (Nov. 1993), 1067--1086.

  • Y.C. Tay, N. Goodman and R. Suri. 
    Locking performance in centralized databases. 
    ACM Transactions on Database Systems 10, 4(Dec. 1985), 415--462. 

Awards & Honours

Teaching (2019/2020)

  • CS1231S: Discrete Structures
  • CS1231: Discrete Structures