Graduate Tutorship - PhD Scheme (NUS-SoC)

Planning to enroll in our Computer Science PhD programme?

With this scheme, you will gain not only research experience, but also valuable teaching experience that will open doors for you in both industry and academia.

Hone your research skills through working with our world-renowned faculty members, and take part in research collaborations with our vast international network.

You will get to teach the brightest students from across the world, who may become your future research or industry collaborators.

That’s not all – you will also receive generous stipends and possibly enjoy a waiver of your PhD tuition fees.

What we offer

Academic & research training
Specialise in your chosen area under the tutelage of world-renowned experts in the field, and collaborate with researchers worldwide.
Tutorship financial support
Enjoy up to 5 years of financial support and waiver of your PhD tuition fees.
Flexible career opportunities
Tutors have the flexibility to pursue industry/research internships and other career opportunities.

Key information to note

This scheme is open to top Singaporean applicants who are interested in pursuing our Computer Science PhD programme.

Applicants must:
  • Have completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computing (or a related university discipline)​
  • Meet the admission requirements of our Computer Science PhD programme, and have gone through all necessary academic milestones
Successful applicants will be enrolled in our Computer Science PhD programme, while also assuming teaching assistantship duties as a full-time tutor. Graduate tutors on this scheme will follow our Computer Science PhD programme structure as outlined here. Those who excel in both their teaching and research work are eligible to apply for leave to embark on research or industry internships, subject to the approval of their PhD supervisor and the department.
Tutorship Financial Support
Graduate tutors under this scheme will be provided with the following financial support:​
  • Up to 5 years of graduate tutorship support to complete their PhD programme
    • ​Graduate tutors must pass the PhD Qualifying Examination (QE) within 2 years from their PhD programme admission.
    • ​Continuation of the tutorship support is subject to satisfactory performance in both teaching and PhD study.​​
  • Graduate tutors in this scheme will initially be paid S$6,000 per month (with prevailing CPF contributions and medical benefits).
    • ​After passing the PhD QE,  there may be annual adjustments based on their teaching and research performance.​
  • Those under this scheme may apply for a waiver of PhD tuition fees.

How to apply

Submit a PhD programme application to the Department of Computer Science (CS) via the Graduate Admission System portal.

Please indicate your research interests in your personal statement when submitting your application.

In addition to the online PhD application, you must also email the following documents for the Tutorship Scheme application to​

  • Your Curriculum Vitae
  • Academic transcripts 
  • Statement of purpose in support of your PhD study goals
  • Applications are accepted year round, and will be considered for the next nearest intake.
  • Deadlines for each intake:
    • August Intake: 15 March
    • January Intake: 15 September (of the previous calendar year)

For further enquiries, please contact:

Search Committee Chair, Prateek Saxena