Captions Lab is a companion feature to Narrations Lab, and can be used to create movie-style captions for each slide's narration. Just like Narrations Lab, Captions Lab uses the text entered in the Speaker Notes pane.

Though captions are displayed alongside their corresponding narration, it isn't necessary to use Narrations Lab if you'd just like the captions without any audio.

Captions can be added to any slide by clicking the Add Captions button, and removed using the Remove Captions button. To remove captions from all slides, click on the Remove Captions label and select Remove All Notes:

Note: as with Narrations Lab, it isn't necessary to remove captions when you update the text in the Speaker Notes - just hit Add Captions again, and PowerPointLabs will update everything for you.

Similarly, to add or remove captions from multiple slides at once, simply select them by ctrl-clicking in the lefthand slide selection pane.