Crop To Shape

Crop To Shape allows you to easily cut out a section of the slide into a picture. It provides more flexibility than using PowerPoint’s built-in Crop To Shape feature. For example, using PowerPoint’s crop feature to crop a picture to the shape of a cloud gives you the result show below.

Using Crop Lab however, you are able to specify exactly which area of the picture to capture inside the cloud shape, as shown below.

Unlike PowerPoint’s built-in Crop feature, Crop Lab can crop to match a custom shape. Here’s an example:

To use the feature, first use the Freeform Shape tool to mark out the area you'd like to crop.

Select the shape, then click the Crop To Shape button under Crop downdown menu.

PowerPoint's Shadow and Soft Edges effects can be used to enhance the look of the cropped image - for instance, here's the same image above after Soft Edges were applied.

Alternatively, you can draw multiple shapes to cover the area you want to crop out, use ctrl-click to select all of them, and then click Crop To Shape.

The result of the above crop, with the Shadow effect applied:

Crop To Fit Slide

Crop To Slide allows you to easily crop off areas of shapes and pictures that exceed the slide boundaries.

Use ctrl-click to select every shape or picture you want to crop:

Then, click Crop To Slide under Crop downdown menu:

Every selected shape or picture which crosses the slide border will be cropped to fit within the slide boundaries:

Crop To Same Dimensions

Crop To Same Dimensions will crop multiple pictures to have the same width and height.

First, click on the picture with the desired width and height, which is our reference object:

Then, use ctrl-click to select all other picture(s) you want to crop:

Finally, select Crop To Same Dimensions under Crop dropdown menu:

All pictures will be cropped to the same width and height as the first selected shape or picture (reference object). The crop can be further adjusted using PowerPoint’s crop feature.

Tip: Note: You can set an Anchor Point for your crop features under Crop Lab Settings.

You can select any of the nine points to anchor the resulting cropped picture to, or follow the reference object’s anchor position.

Crop To Aspect Ratio

Crop To Aspect Ratio helps you crop pictures to common width-to-height ratios 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, or any custom aspect ratio which you specify.

To do so, select all the pictures which you would like to crop using ctrl-click.

Then, click on Crop To Aspect Ratio under Crop downdown menu and select your desired aspect ratio.

If you selected "Custom" aspect ratio, a new window will appear for you to enter the width-to-height ratio.

The pictures are now cropped to the selected aspect ratio.

Crop Out Padding

Crop Out Padding removes the unnecessary transparent areas surrounding your pictures.

Select the pictures with extra paddings.

With the pictures selected, click Crop Out Padding under Crop downdown menu.

The unnecessary transparent paddings of the selected pictures are now removed.