Martin HENZ

Associate Professor
Innovation & Design Programme, Faculty of Engineering, Associate Professor in joint appointment
Director, FriarTuck Pte Ltd
Dr.rer.nat. (Computer Science, Saarland University, 1997)
M.Sc. (Computer Science, Stony Brook University, 1993)
651 66632

Research Areas

  • Programming Languages & Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence

Research Interests

  • Programming Languages
  • Combinatorial Optimisation and Search
  • Systems For Teaching and Learning
  • Constraint Programming Systems
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Field-programmable Gate Arrays


In Academic Year 2011/2012, I embarked on experiential education, and never looked back: At an NUS residential college, I acquired a second-hand motorcycle for experiential student projects; my sailing boat Bo Bo Cha Cha served as floating classroom for the first run of a course "The Physics of Sailing"; I started teaching the experiential programming freshmen module CS1101S in SoC; and I became the supervisor of Rahul Singhal's PhD research project. Rahul went on to invent automated reasoning techniques for generating questions, earning him a PhD in 2017 and leading him—with SoC alumnus Shubham Goyal—to form the AI startup Cerebry that focuses on problem-based learning, where I serve as advisor. With my CS1101S students, I developed the Source Academy, an experiential learning environment for programming that enrolled 120 computer science freshmen in Semester 1 2017/18. More than a dozen runs of "The Physics of Sailing" from 2012 to 2017 taught me that sailing vessels provide a uniquely conducive environment for multi-disciplinary learning. I initiated the NUS Seafarers in 2016, who have conducted eleven seafaring voyages for experiential learning in 2017 and 2018, roaming the waters of the Philippines and Indonesia. And the motorcycle? Dubbed FWi, it became the first of a series of experiential learning platforms on the road, at sea and in the air, under the design and prototyping studio FrogWorks in the Innovation & Design Programme (iDP), where I serve in a joint appointment since 2016. Today, I'm more convinced than ever of the unique opportunities of experiential learning in university education. I see every encounter with students as a mutual learning experience and don't seem to get tired of creating experiential learning opportunities for my students in SoC, iDCP and USP.

Current Projects

  • Question generation using automated reasoning: towards real-life applications
  • FrogWorks: design and prototyping studio at the Innovation & Design Centric Programme in the Faculty of Engineering
  • Multidisciplinary experiential learning in higher education

Selected Publications

Awards & Honours

  • Faculty Teaching Excellence Award of the School of Computing, Academic Year 2016/17
  • Fulbright Scholarship (1989)

Teaching (2021/2022)

  • CS1101S: Programming Methodology