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QIAO Dandan

Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D. (Tsinghua University)
  • B.S. (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

QIAO Dandan is an assistant professor in the Department of Information Systems and Analytics at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS). Prior to joining NUS, She earned her PhD in Information Systems from Tsinghua University and visited the University of Texas at Austin for two years. Two signature topics in her work include incentivized reviews and darkweb economies. Her research can be summarized as three key perspectives, which mainly focus on digital platform design and innovation. • The first stream involves analyzing individual behavior to assess the influence of various UGC and FGC artifacts, such as designing incentive policies in prosocial contexts and adding question-and-answer features in e-commerce settings. • The second stream delves into the societal impact of platform designs, emphasizing fostering greater social well-being. This includes endeavors such as reducing hate crimes through the sharing gigs and enforcement of crime on the dark web. • The third stream focuses on artificial intelligence and seeks to create practical predictive analytics tools to support platform businesses. This involves extracting representative information and making predictions based on persuasion techniques. Methodologically, her research combines econometric analysis with computational methods, aiming to not only provide causal insights but also actionable strategies for digital platform design.


  • Economics of Information Systems

  • Economics of Dark Web

  • Online Altruism and Crowd Wisdom

  • Competitive Intelligence and Predictive Analytics


Understanding Online Contribution: Impact Evaluation and Crowd Wisdom Extraction

With the massive amount of online contributions shaping individual and organizational decision-making, this project delves into utilizing and understanding this valuable resource. By combining econometrics and natural language processing, the research seeks innovative insights to leverage these vast information pools and assess their impacts on commerce and society.




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Analytics Driven Design of Adaptive Systems
Topics in Information Systems and Analytics Research
Computational Social Science


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