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12 January 2024
The Chinese Economic Society has awarded NUS Computing Provost’s Chair Professor Teo Hock Hai and Associate Professor Tan Chuan Hoo the Information Management Research Award.
Provost’s Chair Professor Teo Hock Hai and Associate Professor Tan Chuan Hoo earns the Information Management Research Award
15 December 2023
Roughly a decade ago, there was a big shake-up to the startup world. Entrepreneurs looking to fund their latest business venture no longer had to seek seed capital from traditional sources such as angel investors or wealthy individuals. Instead, a markedly different financing option was now trending: crowdfunding.
Startup Funding
22 November 2023
NUS Computing Assistant Professor Qiao Dandan has won the INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) Gordon Davis Young Scholar Award. The award was named in honour of the University of Minnesota’s Professor Gordon Davis, one of the founding fathers of the information systems discipline. It rewards outstanding young scholars like Asst Prof Qiao who are poised to make intellectual contributions in the field of information systems.
Assistant Professor Qiao Dandan earns the INFORMS ISS Gordon Davis Young Scholar Award
16 October 2023
NUS Computing has joined a partnership with other leading universities to work with RealAssetX, a cutting-edge lab which aims to explore, develop and invest in technology, that promises to propel the real asset industry to new heights. RealAssetX was launched by PGIM Real Estate, a real estate investment manager overseeing assets valued at US$210 billion, on 10 October 2023.
RealAssetX and NUS Computing
6 October 2023
In late 2017, two friends were struggling to make rent in San Francisco, a city known for its notoriously high cost of living. As they brainstormed ideas for how they could “make a few bucks,” the pair spied an opportunity: a big design conference was taking place in town and hotels were hard to come by. What if they bought a few air mattresses for their loft apartment and rented them out? The friends created a simple website to advertise their service, naming it Air Bed and Breakfast. Their idea was a hit, and soon Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, along with a third friend Nathan Blecharczyk, were looking for investors to grow their company.
What do government subsidies say about a firm’s value to IPO investors?
1 May 2023
2 May 2023 — NUS Computing Assistant Professor Sun Chenshuo has won New York University (NYU)’s University-wide Outstanding Dissertation Award for his doctoral dissertation, “Emerging Technologies and the Digital Future.” Each NYU school is invited to nominate a total of three candidates every year. Candidates are screened vigorously for the rigor, clarity, and impact of their research work on the academic field and society. Nine awardees are selected in AY23 across all the NYU schools, and Dr. Sun is among the three awardees under the Social Science category.
3 January 2023
Imagine that you’re a book publisher gathering feedback for a new novel that your firm has recently released. Sales figures are useful, but you’re keen to find out more about what people actually think of the book. So you gather Amazon-style reviews, asking respondents to rate it on a scale of one to five.
1 November 2022
1 November 2022 — Congrats to Zacchaeus Chok Yong Hsin, a 2nd year student from NUS School of Computing who clinched the grand prize at the 2022 Asia Pacific Huawei Developer Competition.
11 June 2022
11 June 2022 – Team Multiverse, comprising six current NUS Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) students, won first place at the NUS-Cargill Analytics Innovation Challenge 2022 in April this year.
1 June 2022
01 June 2022 — Five NUS Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) graduates won the School of Computing Innovation Prize for their finance app, AllGrow, which was developed for everyday Singaporeans from low to middle income households, and migrant workers.
22 March 2022
22 March 2022 – A team of four Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) graduates won first place at the AIxImpact Case Competition (Finance stream) in February this year. The case competition was held as part of the AIxImpact Conference, a Southeast Asia-focused analytics conference hosted by QuantumBlack, a McKinsey Company, in early February. 
26 November 2021
When Jungpil Hahn was appointed head of the Department of Information Systems and Analytics at NUS Computing in 2015, it changed his perspective on many things.
8 October 2021
When you’re ill, seeing the doctor is one thing. Getting your prescription filled is another. If you live in an industrialised country, you probably wouldn’t think twice about the latter — you walk into a pharmacy and there’s the medication you need.
17 December 2020
Most pundits gazing into the crystal ball will likely shout two words in their prediction of healthcare’s future: precision medicine. Increasingly, there is growing recognition that tailoring treatments based on an individual’s lifestyle, genes, and environmental factors can yield much improved outcomes.
25 November 2020
25 November 2020 – Associate Professor Hahn Jungpil and PhD in Information Systems graduate, Peng Jiaxu, recently won the Best Paper award in the Advances in Research Methods track at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2020.
20 November 2020
20 November 2020 – A team of five Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) students and one Computer Science undergraduate won first place at the Chengdu 80 Financial Technology (FinTech) competition this year.
23 October 2020
These days, we live and buy by online reviews. Looking for a pair of headphones? Wondering what movie to stream or if you should splash out for the new PlayStation 5? Or perhaps you need a hotel to stay in and suggestions for the best baby back ribs in town? Well look no further than the Internet, for someone somewhere will surely have a recommendation to offer about the product, service or facility you are thinking of.
21 July 2020
21 July 2020 – A team comprising of NUS Computing and School of Design and Environment Master’s students emerged champions at the Microsoft Azure Virtual Hackathon, held online from 17 April to 19 June this year.
4 March 2020
For many of us, the introduction of Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms was a game-changer. They altered the way we make and maintain friends, and transformed how we share news and updates with those we know. But for those in South Korea and a few other places, social media has brought about changes in another aspect of life: how gifts are sent and received.
28 January 2020
The intensive care unit where Dr. Jean-Daniel Chiche works in Paris is what you would expect from an ICU. Amidst an atmosphere of respectful quiet and hushed tones lie patients in isolated rooms, often tethered to a bewildering array of tubes, wires, monitors and machines.