NUS Computing ventures into real asset industry research

16 October 2023
RealAssetX and NUS Computing

NUS Computing has joined a partnership with other leading universities to work with RealAssetX, a cutting-edge lab which aims to explore, develop and invest in technology, that promises to propel the real asset industry to new heights. RealAssetX was launched by PGIM Real Estate, a real estate investment manager overseeing assets valued at US$210 billion, on 10 October 2023.

Drawing on the extensive data resources of PGIM Real Estate and third-party data sources, RealAssetX will collaborate with leading universities in United States, United Kingdom and the Asia-Pacific to focus on pioneering research and development in areas like sustainable technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and deep tech. The goal is to bring about innovative technologies that can be incubated and later adopted by real asset owners, operators and managers.

RealAssetX operates through three interrelated pillars:

  1. Data Intelligence: Constructs unique datasets and employs advanced analytics that harness unstructured third-party data alongside the extensive data PGIM Real Estate has accumulated over 50 years through its investment endeavours.
  2. Research & Development: Partners leading universities and technology companies globally to nurture projects from inception to incubation, funding and eventual launch. An accelerator programme to support early-stage technology companies will be established.

In the Asia-Pacific region, RealAssetX will collaborate with the University, through NUS Computing, to delve into research data and AI for predictive analytics. It will also partner with the University of New South Wales on deep tech and sustainability research.

In the UK, RealAssetX will launch the UCL Centre for Sustainability and RealTech Innovation with University College London, focusing on research projects related to sustainability, artificial intelligence (AI), and innovation in real assets. It has also partnered with the Data Science Institute at the University of Chicago in the US to concentrate on big data analysis and AI for predictive analytics.

  1. Investments: Develops strategic partnerships with venture capital firms to invest in and deliver modern technologies for the real asset industry. It has partnered with Taronga Ventures, a renowned global real asset technology manager, to facilitate third-party capital investment in early and later stage technology companies.

Leveraging data, research and partnerships, RealAssetX aims to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and enhance the investment lifecycle through technology.

Read the Press Release at PGIM’s website.

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