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6 December 2023
Ooi Beng Chin, Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professor at NUS and faculty member at School of Computing, has been elected as a Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The election was recently held at the CAS General Assembly on 16 November 2023.
Ooi Beng Chin
2 November 2023
All across the developed world, people are living increasingly sedentary lives. The average adult spends more than half their day sitting down — nearly six hours for those in Singapore, versus 7.7 hours and 8.3 hours for Americans and South Koreans, respectively.
Creating mobile health apps that factor in the weather
9 October 2023
About 80 per cent of chronic diseases – such as diabetes and hypertension - are driven by lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. An innovative tool called the EMPOWER app, jointly developed by NUS School of Computing and SingHealth, is showing great potential in providing timely interventions for patients with diabetes, as well as those afflicted by other chronic diseases, to adopt healthy lifestyle choices and behaviours, and in turn, achieving better health outcomes.
EMPOWER app diet and lifestyle watch
5 June 2023
5 Jun 2023 — NUS Computing Assistant Professor Nakyung Kyung and collaborators won the Health Information Technology (IT) in Action award at the 13th Conference on Health IT and Analytics (CHITA) for their paper on the application of machine-learning techniques on a mobile healthcare platform.
28 March 2023
28 March 2023 – Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professor Ooi Beng Chin from the NUS School of Computing has been elected as Fellow of the prestigious Academy of Engineering, Singapore (SAEng) in February 2023. The SAEng serves as a think tank on engineering-related public policy and steers initiatives in the areas of strategic importance to Singapore so as to meet the challenges of the new millennium.
27 January 2022
27 January 2022 - Four new faculty members have joined NUS Computing’s Department of Information Systems and Analytics.
17 June 2021
To say that the human body is an intricate complicated system would be an understatement. When one thing goes wrong, others often follow suit. So in 1970 when Alvan Feinstein first coined the term ‘comorbidity’ — to refer to a person having multiple diseases at the same time — it wasn’t too revolutionary a concept.
6 May 2021
Every decade has an exercise trend or two that defines it. Step aerobics and the Thighmaster were popular in the ‘90s, for instance, while exer-gaming and CrossFit were all the craze in the 2000s. To know what’s trending this decade, look no further than your wrist (or to those around you) — chances are it’ll be adorned with some sort of wearable device, fitness tracker, or smartwatch.
17 December 2020
Most pundits gazing into the crystal ball will likely shout two words in their prediction of healthcare’s future: precision medicine. Increasingly, there is growing recognition that tailoring treatments based on an individual’s lifestyle, genes, and environmental factors can yield much improved outcomes.
28 January 2020
The intensive care unit where Dr. Jean-Daniel Chiche works in Paris is what you would expect from an ICU. Amidst an atmosphere of respectful quiet and hushed tones lie patients in isolated rooms, often tethered to a bewildering array of tubes, wires, monitors and machines.
18 December 2019
From investigating the probability of losing jobs to artificial intelligence (AI), to the benefits of pop-up ads—here are the recent research breakthroughs by the Department of Information Systems and Analytics, presented at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2019.