OOI Beng Chin

Distinguished Professor
Ph.D. (Monash University, Australia, 1989)
B.Sc. (1st Class Honours, Monash University, Australia, 1985)
651 66465


Research Areas

  • Database
  • Computational Biology

Research Interests

  • Database Systems
  • Distributed and Block Chain Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Large Scale Analytics
  • Beng Chin's research interests include database systems, distributed and block chain systems, machine learning and large scale analytics, in the aspects of system architectures, performance issues, security, accuracy and correctness. He works closely with the industry (eg. NUHS, Jurong Health and Tan Tock Seng Hospital on healthcare analytics and prediabetes prevention), and exploits IT for efficiency in various application domains, including healthcare, finance and smart city
  • Database Performance Issues
  • Indexing Techniques
  • XML and Multimedia Databases
  • Moving Object/ RFID/ Sensor Databases
  • P2P/ Parallel/ Distributed Computing
  • Embedded Systems


Beng Chin is a Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, NGS faculty member and Director of Smart Systems Institute (SSI@NUS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is also an adjunct Chang Jiang Professor at Zhejiang University, China, and the Director of NUS AI Innovation and Commercialization Centre at Suzhou, China. He is a co-founder of yzBigData (2012) for Big Data Management and analytics, and Shentilium Technologies (2016) for AI- and data-driven financial data analytics, MediLot Technologies (2018) for blockchain based healthcare data management and analytics. An advisory council member of a RegTech company, Cynopsis Solutions, and an advisor to blockchain based KYC traceto.io ICO. Beng Chin serves as a member of Hangzhou Government AI Development Committee (AI TOP 30) Beng Chin is serving as a PC Chair for IEEE ICDE'18. He served as a trustee of VLDB endowment 2006-2017, as its secretary 2010-2013, and president 2014-2017, and as an Advisory Board Member of ACM SIGMOD, 2012-2017. He is serving as an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC) and Communications of ACM (CACM), and the founding editor-in-chief of ACM Transactions on Data Science (2018 -). Beng Chin participated/participates in once-every-five-years database self-assessment meetings: Claremont, Berkeley 2008, Beckman, Irvine 2013, Seattle 2018.

Current Projects

  • AI-and Data-driven Financial Management and Analytics
  • Design & Development of a Comprehensive Information Technology Infrastructure for Data-Intensive Applications & Analysis

Selected Publications

  • W. Wang et al: Rafiki: Machine Learning as an Analytics Service System. 2018

  • H. Dang, A. Dinh, E.-C. Chang, B. C. Ooi: Chain of Trust: Can Trusted Hardware Help Scaling Blockchains? arXiv, 2 April 2018

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  • Q. Cai, Z. Xie, M. Zhang, G. Chen, H.V. Jagadish, B.C. Ooi: Effective Temporal Dependence Discovery in Time Series Data. VLDB 2018

  • S. Wang, T. T. A . Dinh, Q. Lin, Z. Xie, M. Zhang, Q. Cai, G. Chen, W. Fu, B.C. Ooi, P. Ruan: ForkBase: An Efficient Storage Engine for Blockchain and Forkable Applications.February 2018

  • G. Li, M. Zhang, G. Chen, and B.C. Ooi: Towards A Unified Graph Model for Supporting Data Management and Usable Machine Learning. IEEE Data Engineering, 2017.

  • A. Dinh, R. Liu, M. Zhang, G. Chen, B.C. Ooi, J. Wang: Untangling Blockchain: A Data Processing View of Blockchain Systems. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2017 (to appear)

  • K. Zheng, W. Wang, J. Gao, K.Y. Ngiam, B.C. Ooi and W.L.J. Yip: Capturing Feature-Level Irregularity in Disease Progression Modeling. CIKM 2017

  • K. Zheng, J. Gao, K. Y. Ngiam, B. C. Ooi and W.L.J. Yip: Resolving the Bias in Electronic Medical Records. ACM KDD, 2017

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  • A. Dinh, J. Wang, S. Wang, G. Chen, W.-N. Chin, Q. Lin, B. C. Ooi, P. Ruan, K.-L. Tan, Z. Xie, H. Zhang, and M. Zhang: UStore: A distributed storage with rich semantics.arXiv:1702.02799, 10 February 2017

Awards & Honours

  • Fellow of the ACM , IEEE, and Singapore National Academy of Science (SNAS)

Teaching (2019/2020)

  • CS6203: Advanced Topics in Database Systems