HAHN Jungpil

Associate Professor
Deputy Director (AI Governance), AI Singapore
Ph.D. (Information & Decision Sciences, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 2003)
M.B.A. (Business Administration, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 1998)
B.B.A. (Business Administration, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 1998)
651 67345


Research Areas

  • Digital Transformation, Platforms & Innovation
  • Computational Social Science
  • Data Science & Business Analytics
  • FinTech

Research Interests

  • IT-enabled Open Innovation
  • Digital Innovation
  • Computational Organization Theory
  • Organizational Learning
  • Software Development Projects and Processes
  • Crowd-based Innovation; Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding
  • Data Science
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies


Jungpil Hahn is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Systems and Analytics at the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He served as the Head of the Department of Information Systems and Analytics from July 2015 to June 2021. Prior to joining NUS, he was an Assistant Professor of Management at the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University in West Lafayette (IN) and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (PA). He has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business Administration from Yonsei University in Seoul Korea and he earned his Ph.D. in Information and Decision Sciences from the Carlson School of Management at The University of Minnesota. Professor Hahn's research focuses on open innovation, organizational learning and knowledge management, software development processes, software project management and human-computer interaction. His research has been published in Management Science, Information Systems Research, Organization Science, Journal of Management Information Systems, Information Systems Frontiers, International Journal of Business and Globalization, Theoretical Issues in Ergonomic Science, the ACM Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction and the Korean Management Science Review as well as in proceedings of major conferences such as the International Conference on Information Systems, the Annual Workshop on HCI Research in MIS, the International Conference on Electronic Commerce, the International Conference on Open Source Systems, the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences and the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. His research has also been presented at major conferences such as the INFORMS Annual Meeting, the INFORMS Conference on Information Systems and Technology, the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, the Association of Consumer Research Pre-Conference on Consumer Behavior Online, the Workshop on Information Systems and Economics, the Workshop on Information Technology and Systems and the Annual Meeting of the Productions and Operations Management Society. Professor Hahn has also contributed essays to multiple edited volumes including Economics, Information Systems and Electronic Commerce: Empirical Advances (R. J. Kauffman and P. P. Tallon, eds.), IT-enabled Strategic Management: Increasing Returns for the Organization (B. A. Walters and A. Tang, eds.) and E-Business Management: Integration of Web Technologies with Business Models (M. Shaw, ed.). Professor Hahn has received numerous awards and accolades for his research, teaching and service. He is a recipient of two "Best Paper in Track" Awards for the Advances in Research Methods and the IS Development and Project Management Tracks at the 2020 International Conference in Information Systems, the "Best Paper Award" at the Workshop on Information Technology and Systems (WITS) in 2016, and the "Best 2013 Published Paper Award" from the Organizational Communication and Information Systems (OCIS) Division of the Academy of Management. He was nominated for the "Best Paper Award" at the International Conference on Electronic Commerce in 2007 and for the "Best Division Paper Award" at the Academy of Management in 2011 (Organization and Management Theory Division) and 2017 (Entrepreneurship Division) . Professor Hahn was named "Krannert Distinguished Teacher" numerous times in the MBA program at the Krannert Graduate School of Management and received the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (FTEA) at NUS School of Computing in 2014. Professor Hahn's service to the academic community was also recognized by being named "Outstanding Reviewer" for IEEE Internet Computing in 2002 and was awarded the "Best Reviewer Award" in 2009 by the INFORMS Information Systems Society for his outstanding service for Information Systems Research.

Current Projects

  • Innovation Ecosystems (MOE SSRTG)
  • Quantifying the Impact of Privacy Technologies (PETs) on Firms (MOE Tier 1)
  • Enhancing General Practices (GPs) and Clinics Operations and Fraud Detection with AI (AI Singapore)
  • A Deep Understanding of Creator-Generated Contents in Crowdfunding: A Multi-Method Approach (MOE Tier 1)
  • Crowd-based Innovation: Crowdsourced new product development; Crowdfunding and entrepreneurial learning
  • IS Development as Landscape Search
  • Blockchain Governance and Consensus Mechanisms

Selected Publications

  • Hahn, J. and Lee, G. (2022) "The Complex Effects of Cross-Domain Knowledge on IS Development: A Simulation-Based Theory Development," MIS Quarterly, 46(x), pp. xxx-xxx. (DOI: 10.25300/MISQ/2022/16292)

  • Jiang, H., Wang, Z., Yang, L., Shen, J. and Hahn, J. (2021) "How Rewarding Are Your Rewards? A Value-Based View of Crowdfunding Rewards and Crowdfunding Performance," Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 45(3), pp. 562-599. (DOI:10.1177/1042258720928922)

  • Yang, L., Wang, Z. and Hahn, J. (2020) “Scarcity Strategy in Crowdfunding: An Empirical Exploration of Reward Limits,” Information Systems Research, 31(4), pp. 1107-1131. (DOI:10.1287/isre.2020.0934).

  • Kang, K., Hahn, J. and De, P. (2017) "Learning Effects of Domain, Technology, and Customer Knowledge in Information Systems Development: An Empirical Study," Information Systems Research, 28(4), pp. 797-811. (DOI:10.1287/isre.2017.0713)

  • Moon, J.Y., Hahn, J., Oh, W. and Kim, T. (2016) "Leader Influence on Sustained Participation in Online Collaborative Work Communities: A Simulation-based Approach," Information Systems Research, 27(2), pp. 383-402. (DOI:10.1287/isre.2016.0632)

  • Kankanhalli, A., Hahn, J., Tan, S. and Gao, G. (2016) "Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare: Introduction to the Special Issue," Information Systems Frontiers, 18(2) Special Section on Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare, pp. 233-235. (DOI: 10.1007/s10796-016-9641-2) [Guest Editorial]

  • Hong, S.J., Lui, C., Hahn, J., Moon, J. Y. and Kim, T.K. (2013) "How Old are You Really?: Cognitive Age in Technology Acceptance," Decision Support Systems, 56, pp. 122-130. (DOI:10.1016/j.dss.2013.05.008)

  • Zhang, C., Hahn, J. and De, P. (2013) "Continued Participation in Online Innovation Communities: Does Community Response Matter Equally for Everyone?" Information Systems Research, 24(4) pp. 1112-1130. (DOI:10.1287/isre.2013.0485)

  • Lehman, D.W. and Hahn, J. (2013) "Momentum and Organizational Risk Taking: Evidence from the National Football League," Management Science, 59(4), pp. 852-8680. (DOI:10.1287/mnsc.1120.1574)

  • Lehman, D.W., Hahn, J., Ramajuman, R. and Alge, B. (2011) "Performance Periods and the Dynamics of the Performance-Risk Relationship," Organization Science, 22(6), pp. 1613-1630. (DOI:10.1287/orsc.1100.0626)

  • Han, K., Chang, Y.B., and Hahn, J. (2011) "IT Intensity, Competition, and Inter-industry IT Spillover,” Journal of Management Information Systems, 28(1), pp. 117-147. (DOI:10.2753/MIS0742-1222280105)

  • Hahn, J. and Wang, T.-W. (2009) "Knowledge Management Systems and Organizational Knowledge Processing Challenges," Decision Support Systems, 47(4), pp. 332-342. (DOI:10.1016/j.dss.2009.03.001)

  • Hahn, J., Moon, J.Y. and Zhang, C. (2008) "Emergence of New Project Teams from Open Source Software Developer Networks: Impact of Prior Collaboration Ties," Information Systems Research, 19(3), pp. 369-391. (DOI:10.1287/isre.1080.0192)

  • Kim, J., Hahn, J. and Hahn, H. (2000) "How Can We Understand a System with (So) Many Diagrams: Cognitive Integration Processes in Diagrammatic Reasoning," Information Systems Research, 11(3), pp. 284-303. (DOI:10.1287/isre.

  • Hahn, J. and Kim, J. (1999) "Why are Some Diagrams Easier to Work With?: Effects of Diagrammatic Representation on the Cognitive Integration Process of Systems Analysis and Design," ACM Transactions on Computer Human Interaction, 6(3), pp. 181-213. (DOI:10.1145/329693.329694)

Awards & Honours

  • Best Completed Research Paper Award, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 2020.
  • Best Paper in Track Award (IS Development and Project Management Track), International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 2020.
  • Best Paper in Track Award (Advances in Research Methods Track), International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 2020.
  • Best Paper Award, Workshop on Information Technology and Systems (WITS), 2016.
  • Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (FTEA), AY2013-14, School of Computing, National University of Singapore, 2014
  • Best 2013 Published Paper Award, OCIS Division, Academy of Management, 2014
  • ISR Best Reviewer, INFORMS Information Systems Society and Information Systems Research, 2009

Teaching (2021/2022)

  • IS6003: Contemporary Theories for IS Research