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You are in the Embedded Systems Teaching Lab with your CG2271 Real Time Operating Systems teammate. For the past three, exciting, weeks you have been working together to build a wearable computer – your version of Google Glass. Today you are adding the final modules that will tell the wearer what he is seeing in front of him, and after that you will be installing a specially customized Operating System and application suite that will bring your creation to life. When complete, your version of Google Glass will provide both visual and audio feedback to the wearer. You have learnt so much about building useful, and possibly life changing devices from simple and cheap hardware components. Later, you attend the EE3204 Computer Networks lecture. The classes have been illuminating – you finally understand exactly how your Facebook timeline ‘travels’ all the way from Menlo Park in California, to your room in Sheares Hall at NUS. Things have never been more exciting for you – Computer Engineers are riding on the wave of the computing industry’s unprecedented growth, and employment surveys indicate that you are among the best paid professionals in the country.


Sampler of Modules

CS1010 Programming Methodology

The app industry has exploded and programmers are in high demand everywhere, but there is still an acute shortage. This is where you start to become a highly sought after software developer.


CG1108 Electrical Engineering

How did the iPhone develop from an idea into the amazingly cool device that it is today? How does a collection of chips and wires become a robot? Find out in this class, and build a robot car!


CS2103 Software Engineering

Writing a single program is challenging yet the sense of achievement that comes from having a working application is indescribable. Now imagine building complete systems for large corporations!


CG2271 Real Time Operating Systems

Airplane computers manage a complicated task involving many factors like air density, aircraft altitude and navigation commands. How are such operating systems built to guarantee safety?


CG3002 Embedded Systems Design Project

Over the past three years, you’ve learnt how to build a computer, deploy a customized operating system that guarantees performance, and build large complex software systems. Now combine all that to build something really cool with a Raspberry Pi and a handful of components.


EE3031 Innovation and Enterprise

Everyone has great ideas, but only a few become great memorable products that are widely sought after. What makes these products stand out, and how can you create your own?


CS3243 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

How do you build Skynet? How can machines represent knowledge? How can machines reason about the world? Follow up with CS3244 Machine Learning, CS4244 Knowledge Based Systems, CS4246 AI Planning and Decision Making.


CS3247 Game Development

Learn about designing games as well as the underlying 3D maths, game physics, game AI, sound and human computer interface issues.


What You Could Be

bullet arrow  Applications Developer at Facebook
bullet arrow  Software Engineer at Singapore Technologies
bullet arrow  Engineer at Agilent Technologies
bullet arrow  Software Developer at Lucas Films
bullet arrow  Application Programmer at Lucas Films
bullet arrow  Startup Founder
bullet arrow  Graduate Student in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering


Curriculum & Programme details