Deans' List Recipients


tritx3 Academic Year 2021-22 [Semester 1] [Semester 2]
tritx3 Academic Year 2020-21 [Semester 1] [Semester 2] - [ST Part1]
tritx3 Academic Year 2019-20 [Semester 1] [Semester 2] - [ST Part1]- Revised
tritx3 Academic Year 2018-19 [Semester 1] [Semester 2] - [ST Part1]
tritx3 Academic Year 2017-18 [Semester 1] [Semester 2] - [ST Part1]
tritx3 Academic Year 2016-17 [Semester 1] [Semester 2]
tritx3 Academic Year 2015-16 [Semester 1] [Semester 2]
tritx3 Academic Year 2014-15 [Semester 1] [Semester 2]
tritx3 Academic Year 2013-14 [Semester 1] [Semester 2]
tritx3 Academic Year 2012-13 [Semester 1] [Semester 2]
tritx3 Academic Year 2011-12 [Semester 1] [Semester 2]
tritx3 Academic Year 2010-11 [Semester 1] [Semester 2]
tritx3 Academic Year 2009-10 [Semester 1] [Semester 2]


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Deans' List Criteria

Due to the Grade-free First Semester scheme, there will not be any Deans' List for the first two semesters for undergraduate student intakes from AY2014/15 onwards.

With effect from the academic year, 2012-13, undergraduates will be placed on Deans' List based on the criteria indicated below:

1. Awarded on semester basis (excluding Special Terms)

2. Top 5% of the cohort (in terms of SAP). Cohort is defined by students who have SoC as their primary or secondary host (inclusive of CEC1 students), and is based on year of matriculation, not stage of study

3. A minimum workload of 16 MCs from modules receiving grades at that semester, with at least two of these modules being offered by School of Computing.2

4. SAP attained must be at least 4.5

5. For DDP students, SAP is calculated for all courses taken in that semester.

This excludes students doing the B.Eng. in Computer Engineering programme (CEG) that is jointly offered with the Faculty of Engineering.
2 UROP and FYP span across two semesters. They will not be considered for satisfying the minimum workload requirement at the first semester, and they will be counted as 8 MCs and 12 MCs respectively at the second semester.