Ms Aihui Ong

Aihui Ong

Ms Aihui Ong graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Computing degree in 1998 and joined NCS. She is always seeking new adventure, and when the right opportunity came, she left the for the United States.

In the US, Aihui continued pursuing her high-tech passion with several Fortune 500 companies. Always on the look-out for new challenges, she again left her steady job and eventually launched her own Web2.0 development and consultant company in Silicon Valley whilst pursuing her MBA studies with Warwick Business School.

Today, her company – EdgiLabs Inc – focuses on helping women launch their dreams in the Web2.0 world. It is a niche market that is thriving. “It’s wonderfully interesting to know that many female entrepreneurs simply feel more comfortable working with female engineers,” Aihui says.

In her free-time, Aihui is always eager to try her hands on new development tools. Her second passion is cooking. To marry both her biggest passions, technology and cooking, she is busy ‘cooking’ her site called — a dedication to her mother who has taught her to love others with food.

Aihui is an active promoter of technopreneurship. She is keenly involved in groups such as, an organisation based in Silicon Valley that aims to increase the number of women entrepreneurs working with and in the field of technology.

Although based in Silicon Valley, Aihui’s contagious enthusiasm for technopreneurship extends beyond the American shores. In her visit home in early 2008, Aihui took time to talk to Computing students in NUS, encouraging them to flaunt their IT skills and harness their technological knowledge to unlock new possibilities.