Mr Ang Kwang Tat

Ang Kwang Tat

Mr Ang Kwang Tat is Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Network Technology Laboratories (ANTlabs).

He is responsible for managing the strategy and direction of ANTlabs globally. Kwang Tat possesses extensive knowledge of the wireless broadband and Internet Security market, and has an impressive business background. His experience in strategic development and management plays a vital role in expanding ANTlabs’ presence and operations across Asia, the US and Europe.

Kwang Tat set up ANTlabs in Oct 1999 as a startup focusing on broadband technology and network security solutions with a group of alumni from NUS and NTU. ANTlabs has since secured S$8million of venture capital funding in two rounds in 2001 and 2004.

Today, ANTlabs is a technology and market leader in South Asia with 100% telcos market share in Singapore, and majority market share of telcos in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia for the broadband wireless service gateways powering hotspot business model. Headquartered in Singapore, ANTlabs has branch offices in Malaysia and China and a reseller network that covers Thailand, Indonesia, UK, US, Japan and Australia.

Kwang Tat graduated from the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (DISCS) at National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1996 with a BSc degree, and went on to complete his Honours (1st Class) degree and Accelerated Masters Degree in 1997 and 1998 respectively.

In NUS, he participated actively as a member of Computer Science Society. He has also been active in alumni activities, serving on the 9th to 15th Executive Committee of CISAA, the alumni association of Computing graduates. Professionally, Kwang Tat has been a Certified IT Project Manager Programme – CITPM(Associate) member since 2002.

Launching Security Venture from Midnight Chat

A snippet of the online chat that Kwang Tat

That is a snippet of the online chat that Kwang Tat made with his future CTO. It was sometime around midnight, and the year was 1999. Kwang Tat had just logged into mainframe computer at NUS. In those days, students in the Accelerated Masters programme in Computer Science had the privilege of keeping their accounts for over a year after graduation. The two friends met up and worked out a business plan. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Today, the high-tech venture that the friends set up has made news as a provider of online security in ubiquitous facilities such as the nation-wide Wireless@sg and public-access Internet kiosks at Changi International Airport.