Mr Ng See Sing

Ng See Sing

Mr Ng See Sing has a total of 20 years of experience in the IT and Infrastructure Engineering arena. He has managed numerous national level projects, starting and managing autonomous service based business entities that focus primarily on smartcard technology, loyalty and lifestyle programmes, payment gateway services, e-commerce and m-commerce.

Tapping into his experience in the areas of smart homes, security, transportation, connectivity and mobility, See Sing has actively pursued the integration of IT and communication engineering to offer a holistic framework. Such an integrated framework has found its way into the new concept of modern-day Intelligent Building solutions, such as the Bahrain World Trade Centre in the Middle East.

See Sing is currently General Manager of Portal City, a business unit of NCS Group. Portal City was set up to harness the benefits of active collaboration, and the integration of services and needs of public agencies, private sector and people (3Pi). Portal City aims to create a vibrant e-Community and aggressively develop business opportunities through syndication and market collaboration.

He graduated from National University of Singapore in 1988.