5th South Asia Workshop on Research Frontiers in Computing

Computing has emerged as a mature discipline in its own right. Indeed, many functionalities in our daily lives are today software controlled. Beyond the classical areas in theoretical computer science and computer systems, today’s computing research aims to study new computing paradigms like cloud computing, novel applications of computing in graphics / media as well as social and economic issues in adopting computing technologies. Today’s frontiers in computing research thus involve study of classical computing areas as well as study of newer areas such as bioinformatics, computational linguistics, electronic commerce and service systems. In the classical areas, the research focus is on morphing existing concepts and notions with respect to emerging science / technology trends (such as the widespread growth of multi-cores, or the emergence of cloud computing, or radically new paradigms like quantum computing). In the newer areas, there exist many research opportunities such as analysis of gene sequences, developing reliable software for critical application domains like avionics or medical instruments, and the science behind software outsourcing / IT services.

At National University of Singapore’s School of Computing, we are conducting research in various classical and emerging topics of computing. This 3-day workshop provides us an opportunity to discuss our ideas with faculty members and students from the South Asia subcontinent. South Asia universities have made strong contributions in terms of computing research and education over the years. Indeed, this is evidenced by South Asia’s entrepreneurial leadership in software services. This event will provide a fertile ground for research discussions, collaborations and thought sharing among young as well as mature researchers from NUS and South Asia universities.

Applications are invited for this 5th South Asia Workshop. All full time students who have completed at least three years of their Bachelor’s degree (by the time of the workshop) are welcome to apply. We particularly welcome applications from students who are pursuing a Master’s degree. Limited scholarships for funding are available to students, so anybody interested is encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Application deadline: 15 March 2015
Notification to students: 6 April 2015

Date of Summer School: 27 May – 29 May 2015

For any queries regarding the South Asia Workshop, please send e-mail to sumsch@comp.nus.edu.sg

Programme Outline

Day 1
Introduction, followed by Data Management, Software and Security

Day 2
Information Systems

Day 3
Graphics, Media and Networked Systems