How can I find out the current available project proposals that are available for balloting?

Please click on the FYP Proposals, by the academic year and offering semester (i.e. 2007/2008 Sem 1) on the left side to view the projects in the Project Administration System.

The project proposal will give you some idea what the project is about and how the supervisor would like the project to proceed. This would be a great time to read up about the areas that might particular match your interest as well. Please refrain from bothering supervisors at this moment. They will very much appreciate this.


When can I discuss with supervisors to find out more about individual proposals?

In each semester, discussion with supervisors on project proposals will be between weeks 7 and 8 for Round 1; and between week 10 and 11 for Round 2.

You may start making appointments with supervisors and have a chat with them with regards to the scope of each project. To have a fruitful discussion, please come prepared. You will gather from them the extent of work involved in each project and plan ahead to complete your project on time for presentation and report submission.


Can I propose a project that I have passion about?

If you have a research area that you have passion about, you might want to look for supervisors who have the same passion as you. Discuss with them your idea and see if these ideas can be converted to a meaningful honours project for you. The supervisor can then propose the project for you online and reserve it for you.


When can I rank my choices of project online?

There are two rounds of balloting for projects.

All students who want to be allocated a project must rank their preferences at the respective round. Rounds 1 and 2 will start on Monday, Week 7; and Monday, Week 10 respectively. Please check detailed schedule at the Project Administration System.


What if I miss both Rounds or I am not successful in allocated one project?

Those students who have yet to be assigned a project after both rounds should approach supervisors directly for their permission to take up unassigned ones. Once an agreement has been reached, please email to Ms Pamela Lim with a copy to the FYP Coordinator, A/P Zhao Shengdong. your supervisor's consent, title, id of project, together with your name and student number for manual registration from Week 13 to Week 1 of the next semester.  The Office of Undergraduate Studies will update the system.


Can I select a project outside my Department in the system?

You can select a cross-department project online but allocation will be made only when all students in the home department are allocated a project. IS projects are limited so your chance of allocating one is slim. Further, you need the permission from both heads of department to take a cross-department project.


What to do for Withdrawal?

Students who wish to discontinue / withdraw from FYP are required to do the followings:

  1. Notify both the supervisors and the Office of Undergraduate Studies as soon as possible but NOT LATER THAN begining of second semester into FYP.
  2. Submit the Withdrawal Form to the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Students who failed to comply and subsequently decide to withdraw from FYP will be regarded as having failed the module.