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Computer-related courses a growing attraction for Singapore students

11 June 2018 Department of Computer Science Department of Information Systems & Analytics News Media

Enrolment in computer-related courses at Singapore's institutes of higher learning has gone up, as Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said that NUS is projecting to admit around 900 students to NUS Computing, an almost 40 per cent increase over last year.

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Fusing Music and Technology to Shape a World Where Everyone Can Learn

11 June 2018 Department of Computer Science Student News Media

Having spent her young adulthood in Pakistan, NUS Computing PhD student Dania Murad left her childhood home to explore new ways of fusing music and technology at the Sound & Music Computing Lab in NUS Computing.

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Zilliqa aims to transform the blockchain world with Sharding

28 May 2018 Department of Computer Science Faculty Alum News Media

Zilliqa, a public blockchain is designing to bring the theory of sharding into action. This is the first blockchain technology that allows linear scaling with the growth of the blockchain. It is a startup founded by NUS Computing's faculty and research team.

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Government And Academic Support Are Giving Singapore An Edge In The Blockchain Race

25 May 2018 Department of Computer Science Faculty Alum News Media

Singapore is the home to a number of promising and well-funded blockchain startups and could become a leader for blockchain disruption. One key factor is Singapore's strong academic environment that embraces technology and offers courses and workshops in blockchain. NUS announced earlier that it is partnering with IBM to develop a curriculum around blockchain and distributed ledger technology. NUS is also where blockchain startup Zilliqa, a hyper-efficient, scalable blockchain, originated. Zilliqa CEO and co-founder Dong Xinshu, a former NUS researcher, says his company's scholarly background is what sets the startup apart. 

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In recognition of excellence

14 May 2018 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

Senior Lecturer Dr Soo Yuen Jien from NUS Computing received the Outstanding Educator Award for his efforts to transform learning through new technologies and collaborative ground-up approaches. The Outstanding Educator Award is one of five awards presented at the NUS University Awards to honour faculty members who have distinguished themselves in teaching, research, and service.

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Platform makes managing volunteers easier

10 May 2018 Department of Computer Science Department of Information Systems & Analytics Student Alum News Media

Information Systems student Nicholas Ooi and Computer Science alumnus Han Lynn, together with FASS students Joshua Foong and Janelle Lee, co-founded Bantu, a platform for organisations to manage their volunteers effectively. Data such as a person's skill set, number of hours volunteered and volunteer locations can be keyed in and pulled up with a click.

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Is My Phone Spying On Me?

03 May 2018 Department of Computer Science Department of Information Systems & Analytics News Media

NUS Computing Senior IT Architect and tech blogger Lai Zit Seng shared his views on voice recognition assistants in smartphones on Mediacorp Channel 5's Talking Point episode on the dangers of smartphones listening in and recording our daily conversations. 

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

29 April 2018 Department of Information Systems & Analytics Faculty News Media

In a feature on the fourth industrial revolution, Assistant Professor Tuan Quang Phan shared that sacrificing personal privacy is an inevitable tradeoff to enjoying the convenience of online services. He mentioned that it is more pertinent for companies and governments to use the data collected responsibly, and with the necessary legislation and data protection measures in place. 

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Dr Ooi Beng Chin joins board of directors at ComfortDelGro

26 April 2018 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

NUS Computing Distinguished Professor Ooi Beng Chin was recently appointed as a director in transport company ComfortDelGro. Dr Ooi specialises in big data and artificial intelligence. 

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S'pore Firm Behind Roti-Making Robot Earned US$20M Sales In First Year - Now Raised US$30M Funding

18 April 2018 Department of Computer Science Alum News Media

Zimplistic, the parent company behind the fully-automated flatbread-making robot Rotimatic, has just secured S$39.3 million in funding. Rishi Israni, Computer Science alumnus, is the CEO and co-founder of Zimplistic. he founded the company with his wife in 2008 and created Rotimatic, a fully-automated flatbread-making robot.

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Singapore's Dexecure raises US$762K in seed funding to help speed up sites by 40%

17 April 2018 Department of Computer Science Alum News Media

Dexecure, a software startup started by NUS Computing alumnus Inian Parameshwaran, announced that it has raised S$1million seed funding. The platform aims to help businesses speed up their mobile and desktop sites by 40 per cent using the startup’s unique algorithm.

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A 27-year-old PhD holder has a plan to make blockchain mainstream

12 April 2018 Department of Computer Science Alum News Media

Loi Luu, a 27 year old PhD computer science graduate from NUS Computing, researched about cryptocurrencies and the security of smart contracts during his studies. He is the CEO and co-founder of Kyber Network, a novel and simple-to-use completely decentralised exchange that lives entirely on the blockchain. The exchange aims to convert one crptocurrency to another within seconds. 

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Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies

10 April 2018 Department of Computer Science Faculty Alum News Media

ViSenze, an image recognition startup that began in NUS Computing, was named as one of the top 25 Artificial Intelligence companies in 2018. ViSenze was founded by Professor Chua Tat Seng and NUS Computing alumnus Li Guangda.

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Gotcha! Organisations and brands get creative with April Fool's Day pranks

01 April 2018 News Media

As an April Fools' prank, NUS Computing announced a new initiative to encourage students to sleep more. Dubbed SLEeP (Student Lull Encouragement Programme), students who clock in an average of eight hours per day will be rewarded with a 0.1 increase in their CAP score. 

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Industry 4.0

01 April 2018 Department of Information Systems & Analytics Faculty News Media

At the recent Ho Chi Minh City Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs (HAWEE) conference, Assistant Professor Phan Tuan Quang shared his insights on the prospects and values that Industry 4.0 can bring to manufacturing, businesses and daily life applications.

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Sailing the Krakatoa seas

12 March 2018 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

On 25 February, 15 NUS staff, students and alumni set off on a week-long NUS Study Trips for Engagement and EnRichment (STEER) voyage from Jakarta to the Krakatoa archipelago. NUS Computing Associate Professor Martin Henz and Tembusu College Fellow Dr John van Wyhe pen their insights on the voyage.

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Establishing a National Digital Identity

11 March 2018 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

With Singapore pushing forward with its Smart Nation Initiatives, Associate Professor Terence Sim shared that having personal details online could risk identity theft. He recommends having larger penalties for the digital crime and more legislation on what constitute as identity theft. Dr Sim also added that while technology brings greater convenience to our lives, he feels that digitisation will bring about even more benefits in the future. 

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High pay, good job prospects: Local computer science undergrads flocking to Silicon Valley internships

10 March 2018 Department of Computer Science Student Alum News Media

NUS Computing alumnus Vishnu Prem interned for a total of 17 months with Apple, Twitter and ride-hailing company Uber before graduating from his four-year course last year. He is now a software engineer with Apple's Camera and Photos team at Cupertino, California. Another fresh NUS graduate, Ng Zhi An, spent two years internship-hopping in the United States between August 2014 to August 2016. He is now a software engineer at Google, in a team tasked with making the Android mobile operating system run well on sub-S$100 phones. NUS Computer Science undergraduate Cai Deshun snagged a prestigious internship with Asana, a startup founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, in his second year.

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The Big Read: Nerds and geeks no more, computing graduates now rule the roost

10 March 2018 Department of Computer Science Department of Information Systems & Analytics Faculty Student Alum News Media

The latest graduate employment survey released by the three local universities showed that computer science graduates were among the highest paid last year, with NUS computer science graduates receiving S$4,285 - S$285 more than in 2016. Even before they leave school, computing undergraduates are snagging lucrative internships at Silicon Valley giants such as Apple and Google. Dr Jovian Lin, who is the lead artificial intelligence scientist at Dentsu Aegis Network, graduated with a computer science degree from NUS in 2009. In his work, he builds features powered by machine-learning, such as AI-powered machines to learn and understand marketing and advertising concepts. Dr Lin noted that the growth in computing jobs is due to developments in machine learning, which has become central to the product strategy of tech giants like Google, Facebook and Baidu. Over the the past two years, enrolment in NUS Computing has increased by 65 per cent to 730. Over the same period, intake size for the university's Master of Computing programme also grew by 60 per cent to about 220. In the new academic year starting in August, intake for NUS Computing's undergraduate courses will be raised to about 900 places. Despite more places opening up, it is getting more competitive to get in. Applicants applying to NUS computer science course will now require straight As to get a spot. Professor Mohan Kankanhalli, Dean of NUS Computing, say that the dotcom bubble burst in the past was a "sneak preview that went wrong" and do not think that the same thing will happen again. 

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Browser-based payments startup RateX raises $3 million

07 March 2018 Department of Computer Science Alum News Media

NUS Computing alumni Davis Gay and Lim Jing Rong's startup, RateX, recently raised S$3million in a pre-series A funding round. RateX is a free browser extension that automatically provides shoppers with the lowest exchange rate at no transaction fee for overseas purchases through e-commerce platforms. It will use the newly-raised funding to launch of its mobile app in Singapore in Taiwan as well as accelerate its overseas expansion into Indonesia this year.

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