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You are currently conducting extensive data analyses of a major shopping mall’s customer loyalty programme for BT3101 Business Analytics Capstone Project, and enjoying it. You are always seeing things in the news about data analysts and data scientists being in high demand. Indeed, the Harvard Business Review reported that the Data Scientist is the ‘sexiest job’ of the 21st century. Meanwhile, you are glad that you are taking BT4211 Data-Driven Marketing, where you are learning to code and estimate models that can predict customer choice behaviours and advertising responses. You finally learnt how Amazon figures out what to ship to you even before you have thought of buying it! In your BT4221 Big Data Techniques and Technologies class, you discover how to conduct a linear regression statistical analysis of five billion airline transactions records within just 2 minutes, using Hadoop-based technology. With the ever-growing amount of consumer and business data available, you can’t help wondering about the exciting, lucrative career opportunities that lie ahead in the field of business analytics. Through this programme, you are confident that you will be well prepared with ample business domain knowledge and powerful data analytics skills.


Sampler of Modules

BT1101 Introduction to Business Analytics

Apply basic business analytics tools in a spreadsheet environment, and learn to communicate with analytics professionals to effectively use and interpret analytic models and results.


BT2101 IT and Decision Making

Understand the conceptual foundations of decision making processes, multi-criteria decision analysis, expert systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms, and support vector machines.


BT3102 Computational Methods for Business Analytics

Learn optimization methods, numerical analysis, simulations, monte-carlo methods, graph and flow methods, and computational complexity issues to address business analytics related problems.


BT4211 Data-Driven Marketing

Study marketing metrics, data management, market response and diffusion models, market segmentation models, and digital media marketing analytics.


BT4221 Big Data Techniques and Technologies

Examine big data infrastructure, analytics scalability and processes, Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, MapReduce, Dynamo, R, in-database analytics, and mining of data streams.


BT4222 Mining Web Data for Business Insights

Use text mining methodologies, web data mining for marketing, sales and finance applications, social web data mining from Facebook and Twitter, and web analytics involving clickstream and site traffic data.


IS4241 Social Media Network Analysis

Study the endless insights available from social network analysis methods and tools, clustering and association techniques and business cases for social network platforms.


IS4250 Healthcare Analytics

Learn the principles and techniques of processing and analysing healthcare data, as well as interpreting and reporting of results.


What You Could Be

bullet arrow  Web Analyst at AC Nielsen
bullet arrow  IT Business Analyst at Citibank Singapore
bullet arrow  Monetization Analyst at Facebook
bullet arrow  Data Mining Specialist at Symantec
bullet arrow  Market Research Analyst at Singtel
bullet arrow  Business Analyst at Deloitte Analytics
bullet arrow  Data Scientist at Singapore Press Holdings
bullet arrow  Healthcare Analyst at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Alexandra Health System


Curriculum & Programme details