BComputing and BSc(Business Analytics) Programmes

Assistant Dean and Academic Advisory Coordinator

A/P Aaron Tan


Tel: 651 62906

Undergraduate Student Advisors for 2021 cohort
Dr Cristina Carbunaru  COM2-02-07 Tel: 651 68850 advisors21[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
Dr Yang Lu COM2-02-46 Tel: 651 66791 advisors21[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
Dr Zhou Lifeng COM2-02-56   Tel: 651 64746 advisors21[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
Undergraduate Student Advisors for 2020 cohort
A/P Bressan Stephane COM1-03-20 Tel: 651 63543 advisors20[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
A/P Sharon Tan COM2-04-31 Tel: 651 64866 advisors20[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
Dr Sufatrio COM2-03-42 Tel: 651 68462 advisors20[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
Undergraduate Student Advisors for 2019 cohort
Dr Chong Ket Fah COM2-02-66  Tel: 660 11037 advisors19[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
Dr Low Kok Lim AS6-04-09 Tel: 651 66784 advisors19[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
Dr Lu Weiquan COM2-03-27   Tel: 660 11360 advisors19[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
Undergraduate Student Advisors for 2018 cohort

Dr Alan Cheng

AS6-05-03 Tel: 651 68732 advisors18[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
A/P Tan Sun Teck COM2-03-02

Tel: 651 62778

Dr Lek Hsiang Hui COM2-02-04 Tel: 660 11049 advisors18[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
Undergraduate Student Advisors for 2017 cohort
Dr Cristina Carbunaru COM2-02-07 Tel: 651 68850 advisors17[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
Dr Ramchand, Anand Mohan COM2-02-44

Tel: 651 62990

A/P Bimlesh Wadhwa COM2-02-62 Tel: 651 62973 advisors17[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
Undergraduate Student Advisors for 2016 cohort
A/P Soo Yuen Jien COM2-02-61 Tel: 651 61345 advisors16[at]comp.nus.edu.sg
A/P Tan Sun Teck COM2-03-02

Tel: 651 62778

A/P Sharon Tan COM2-04-31

Tel: 651 64866


B.Computing (Honours) (Computer Science) Programme

A/P Gilbert Seth


Tel: 651 62729


B.Computing (Honours) (Information Security) Programme

A/P Chang Ee-Chien COM2-04-30 Tel: 651 66168 changec[at]comp.nus.edu.sg

B.Computing (Honours) (Information Systems) Programme

A/P Oh Lih Bin


Tel: 651 63796


Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics) Programme

A/P Sharon Tan COM2-04-31

Tel: 651 64866


Special Programme in Computer Science

A/P Seth Lewis Gilbert - Turing Programme 


Tel: 651 62729