Course Registration at Education Records System

Course Registration at Education Records System (CourseReg@EduRec) is the University’s new consolidated course registration platform, designed to provide students with an improved user experience. By ensuring parity in the allocation of courses, while taking into consideration students’ needs and preferences, this system will streamline the registration of courses to allow students to fulfil their graduation requirements in a timely manner. For more details, please click here.

The website contains Course Registration Workflow for undergraduates as well as the registration schedule.

You can refer to the User Guide to help you navigate the  platform via ( myEduRec > Academics > Course Registration) to register for course to meet your curricular needs during regular semesters and special terms.

Planning your courses

You can use the NUS class time-table planner, NUSMods, to plan your class and exam time-tables before you start to rank your course preferences in CourseReg. 

Selecting SoC Common Curriculum Requirements courses by Cohorts 2022 and after

Please take note of the bidding rounds for the list of inter-disciplinary (ID) and cross-disciplinary (CD) courses offered by the respective hosts:

Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies: Round 1 onwards:
NUR1113A Healthy Ageing and Well-being

College of Design and Engineering

Round 2 onwards:
DTK1234 Design Thinking
EG1311 Design and Make
EG2501 Liveable Cities
IE2141 Systems Thinking and Dynamics
PF1101 Fundamentals of Project Management

via CourseReg appeals:
EG2201A User-Centred Collaborative Design (recommended to have taken DTK1234 for optimal learning)
EG2310 Fundamentals of Systems Design (offered in sem 2 only)

College of Humanities and Sciences: Round 2 onwards

Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health: Round 1 onwards
SPH2002 Public Health and Epidemiology

School of Business:

Round 0 onwards
ACC1701X Accounting for Decision Makers
MNO1706X Organisational Behavior

via CourseReg appeals:
DAO2703 Operations and Technology Management (via CourseReg appeals)

School of Computing: Round 0 onwards


The course information for each group can be accessed by clicking the links below:

Inter-Disciplinary (ID) courses

Cross-Disciplinary (CD) courses

Updates to mounting of Science electives for CS degree in AY2021-22 <New>

With the launch of CHS curriculum in AY2021-22, the Faculty of Science has made some changes to the offerings of the science electives for CS degree and the changes are as follows: 

List S1:  




Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards


Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards


Will still be offered


Recoded to LSM2105 from AY2021/22 onwards


Recoded to LSM2107 from AY2021/22 onwards


Recoded and renamed to LSM2106 Fundamental Biochemistry from AY2021/22 onwards


Will still be offered


Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards

FSC2101will be available to students in their forensic science programme. Non-CHS students may select the course to meet Science elective from CourseReg Round 2 (Select Courses) onwards. 


Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards.


Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards.


Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards.


Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards.


Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards, will offer new course PC1201 Fundamentals of Physics instead


Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards, will offer new course PC1201 Fundamentals of Physics instead


Offered in AY2021-22 only

List S2:  
CM1111 INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 1 Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards
CM1191 EXPERIMENTS IN CHEMISTRY 1 Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards
CM1401 CHEMISTRY FOR LIFE SCIENCES Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards
CM1402 GENERAL CHEMISTRY Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards
CM1501 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY FOR ENGINEERS Not offered from AY2022/23 onwards
LSM1303 ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR Will still be offered
PC1421 PHYSICS FOR LIFE SCIENCES Will still be offered
PC1431 PHYSICS IE Offered in AY2021/22 only
PC1433 MECHANICS AND WAVES Not offered from AY2021/22 onwards


Appeals for Waiver of Prerequisites for Course hosted by the Department of Computer Science

Please refer to the appeal procedure listed here and provide strong justifications before you write to the host department or submit online via [Submit Appeals/Inquiries] in CourseReg.  Please include your name and student number in your email correspondence for the appeal submitted for consideration by the host department.

Appeals for Waiver of Prerequisites for Courses hosted by the Department of Information Systems and Analytics

Please provide strong justifications to A/P Oh Lih Bin, DISA Deputy Head at for your appeals or submit online via [Submit Appeals/Inquiries] in CourseReg.  Please include your name and student number in your email correspondence for the appeal submitted for consideration by the host department.

Signing up Tutorial/Laboratory/Recitation Groups for SoC courses

Please note that registration for Tutorial / Laboratory / Recitation group of SoC undergraduate courses has to be done online via the Education Registration System (EduRec) --> Course Registration (CourseReg) Path at :  Click here


Swapping or Adding or Dropping a tutorial group (including recitation and laboratory groups) 

You can do so via Education Records System (EduRec) --> Course Registration (CourseReg) to swap your allocated tutorial, recitation or laboratory slot online during the Add/Drop/Swap schedule that is announced by NUS Registrar's Office every regular semester/special term for each course registration exercise.


How do I swap my group?

Suppose you are allocated CS1010 Tutorial Group 09, and decided later to swap to Groups 01/02/03 (same timing) or Groups 04/05/06 (same timing), you will have to submit your request online during the "Add/Drop/Swap" period as specified in the official schedule.

The swap will be effected if a match is found in the system (someone with Group 01/02/03/04/05/06 who wants to go to Group 09). Otherwise, you will queue up in the system, and the swap effected when a matching request is found at a later time.

If a matching request is found and the swap request effected. You can then check your newly allocated class via View My Classes in CourseReg platform. 

What kind of time slots can I swap?

You can swap any time slots as long as they are of the same type of activity, i.e. tutorials with tutorials, labs with labs, and recitations with recitations.

Can I request directly to the lecturer to join certain groups or via walk-in to the SoC Office of Undergraduate Studies?

No.  All requests should be submitted via the CourseReg Platform. A group of Tutorial Registration Coordinators has been assigned to handle all appeals regarding joining/change of tutorial/lab/recitation group for each course online via CourseReg.

Twining of CS2103T and CS2101 & Twining of CS2113T and CS2101 for CS and InfoSec students

The Computer Science Department has collaborated with the Centre for English Language Communication to implement twinning courses: CS2103T Software Engineering and CS2101 Effective Communication for Computing Professionals for CS students (including Information Security students from Cohorts 2016 and earlier) and CS2101 and CS2113T Software Engineering and Object-Oriented Programming for Computer Engineering and Information Security students from cohort 2017 onwards. 

With this twinning programme, students on team projects can acquire technical knowledge and learn effective team communication in context as some CS2101 CA components are based on the requirements of either CS2103T or CS2113T project. Students have to be in the same group for both courses and the groups will be formed during the first CS2101 tutorial in Week 1, Session 2. Each CS2103T/CS2113 project team comprises 5 members.

Do also note that the workload for the project may be heavy because it involves team coordination and coding. According to past students of these twinned courses, it is advisable not to overload yourself with manycourses to optimise learning when you read CS2101 and (either CS2103T or CS2113T). 

For those who have been granted IS2101/CS2101 exemption (for diploma holders) or doing ES2002 (in the case of DDP students with Business School) or ES1601 (RVRC programme) , they will continue to complete the other outstanding CS course (non T-coded) (i.e. CS2103 or CS2113) towards their graduation requirement.  Please file an appeal in Course Reg to seek an approval to bypass the prerequisite check before you could rank it.

You may have noticed that he class time-table for each CS2103T/CS2113T lecture group now shows 7 hours of lessons. For example, given the CS2103T Grp G01 timings below, the various session timings are intended for different activities:  

CS2103T Grp LG01

Grp LG01:

Mon 08:00-10:00 E-Learn_C
Thu 08:00-10:00 E-Learn_C  

CS2101 Sectional Group G01 4-hr weekly sessions at E-Learn_C
  Wed 09:00-10:00 E-Learn_C CS2103T one-hr weekly tutorial slot at E-Learn_C
Fri 16:00-18:00 E-Learn_C

CS2103T lecture slot at E-Learn_C

 Students will select one of the CS2103T/CS2113T groups in CourseReg. Please ensure that you meet both the prerequisites of both courses before course ranking. Upon successful allocation of CS2103T or CS2113T, we will preallocate the associated CS2101 Sectional group and either (CS2103T or CS2113T tutorial group). At Rounds before Round 3, students who have successfully secured CS2103T or CS2113T must have 4 units workload from the permissible workload of 23 units to allow CS2101 preallocation.  Failure which both courses will be dropped from EduRec.


SoC Courses that are not available under SELECT MY CLASSES in CourseReg

The following courses will not be available for selection in CourseReg as they will be done via preallocation: 

  • CS3216, CS3217, IFS4103 and R-courses (offline registration with course coordinators directly). All application forms for signing up R-courses should be returned to Ms Jenny Tay ( at SoC Office of Undergraduate Studies for processing no later than Round 1 of CoursReg Schedule. Please follow the course coordinator’s instructions for registration of CS3217.
  • CS3281/CS3282, UROP (CP3209) and FYP (CP4101, CP4106, XFC4101, and BT4101) courses will be preallocated.
  • All internship related courses (such as CP3880, IS4010) will be preallocated in CourseReg by SoC Office of Industry Relations. Queries can be directed to
  • All graduate level courses offered by the Department of Information Systems and Analytics (DISA) are not opened for undergraduates to enrol.
  • Not all level-5000 CS courses listed in CS focus areas will be opened for undergraduates to enrol in certain rounds as they are for graduate students and priority on allocation will be accorded to graduate students first.  Undergraduates may submit an appeal via CourseReg after Round 3 ends.  SoC Graduate Studies administrators will review appeals online,
  • All level-6000 CS courses. They are not available for Class selection in CourseReg as they are for graduate students.
  • CGxxxx courses and BT5xxx: They are for Computer Engineering students and MSBA students respectively

Non-SoC students selecting SoC courses as Unrestrictive Electives

Due to growing undergraduate intakes in recent years, the School would need to cater its resources to its own undergraduates, serviced departments as well as students formally registered for our second majors and minors. As such, not all undergraduate courses will be opened for course selection by non SoC undergraduates.  In most cases, students maybe able to select them during Round 3, and will be from remaining quotas left, if any, from previous round.  Students will not be able to view them from Round 0 to 1 for the popular ones.

For servicing of courses to non SoC departments, some courses will be available to non-SoC students for course ranking in CourseReg from Round 2 onwards.