Designed by Alan Turing as a model for human thinking, computers have the potential to do all that humans know how to do and more. Just as mechanical systems enhance human strength, computing systems enhance human thinking, enabling people to tackle tasks that were previously impossible. Computers have been rapidly changing the world; we now have planet-scale systems such as the World Wide Web, instant access to almost all recorded information, systems that discover knowledge in large corporate databases, embedded computers that monitor and control a myriad array of systems, ranging from cars to the environment, that do weather prediction, and greatly supplement research on astronomy, biology and other amazing things.

Knowledge in computing will equip you well to work in many areas. If you are technically inclined and have broad interests, then the combination of computing knowledge and the broad-based education of the University Scholars Programme (USP) will best equip you to become an agent of change who can revolutionize the way things are done.

USP is designed to help some of the best NUS students to fully develop their potential. USP equips you to work across disciplines and cultures and provides you with interaction with outstanding peers in many disciplines. It is also well aligned with our research and technopreneurship programmes.

USP students studying with our CS department who are interested in research should consider applying for the Turing Programme. USP students in SoC who are interested in technopreneurship should consider applying to NUS Overseas College (NOC) and our von Neumann Programme. Both programmes are aligned with USP requirements and will help develop students' interests.

Forms for USP students

For existing USP students (from AY2012/13), there are a few forms that you may need to help satisfy your Independent Study Module (ISM) requirements for your USP Inquiry Modules. You may obtain a hardcopy of these forms at the Undergraduate Office (COM1 #02-19) or download the forms below. Please submit the completed forms to the Undergraduate Office as per the instructions on the respective form.

  • Regular SoC module mapping to USP ISM form. Use this form to officially declare regular SoC modules as Independent Study Modules (ISMs) to fulfil your USP Inquiry Module requirements. If you are taking UROP to fulfil your USP ISM requirements, no such form is necessary.

These other forms are not specific to USP but may be helpful for such students for fulfiling ISMs requirements. Independent study in SoC is divided into CP3106 Independent Project (faculty supervised) and CP3108A/B Independent Work (independently driven by student).