Aiming for AI, machine learning jobs after school? Don’t just focus on tech, grads say

Mr Benjamin Yap, an NUS Computer Engineering graduate, said that the basic grounding he received in areas such as writing good code and adopting good documentation habits was invaluable as he stepped into the working arena. Universities here, on their part, are not ignorant of the changing needs these students face as the push for AI and ML talent gathers pace. NUS Computing’s Vice Dean Professor Sanjay Jain told Channel NewsAsia that all its undergrads are required to read some General Education modules in humanities and social sciences. He also pointed out that all School of Computing undergraduates are required to complete a six-month internship programme, but are also open to taking up opportunities to work with industry players. One example is the Orbital Programme, which he said is a “self-directed, independent work course” allowing students to pick up software development skills and work with industry mentors to develop their projects.

Channel News Asia, 14 December 2018

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