IT, business graduates get higher starting pay

Chng Hui Yie entered computing due to her interest in Neopets and blogging when she was younger. While her parents were reluctant for her to study computing, her decision paid off. Last year, she graduated from NUS with a degree in computer science. Ms Chng, who started working a month after graduation, and earns about $5,000 as a software engineer in inventory management startup TradeGecko. The latest annual survey of graduates shows that fresh graduates in business, economics and computing see the biggest pay jumps. NUS graduates in computer science have enjoyed a median gross salary of $4,285 in 2017. Associate Professor Goh Khim Yong, vice-dean of coporate relations at NUS Computing, said computing degrees attract one of the highest starting salaries. It overtook other fields like dental surgery last year. He added that every sector needs IT and that computing ties industries like transportation and media together.

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