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High pay, good job prospects: Local computer science undergrads flocking to Silicon Valley internships

10 March 2018 Department of Computer Science , Student , Alum , News Media

NUS Computing alumnus Vishnu Prem interned for a total of 17 months with Apple, Twitter and ride-hailing company Uber before graduating from his four-year course last year. He is now a software engineer with Apple's Camera and Photos team at Cupertino, California. Another fresh NUS graduate, Ng Zhi An, spent two years internship-hopping in the United States between August 2014 to August 2016. He is now a software engineer at Google, in a team tasked with making the Android mobile operating system run well on sub-S$100 phones. NUS Computer Science undergraduate Cai Deshun snagged a prestigious internship with Asana, a startup founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, in his second year.

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The Big Read: Nerds and geeks no more, computing graduates now rule the roost

10 March 2018 Department of Computer Science , Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Faculty , Student , Alum , News Media

The latest graduate employment survey released by the three local universities showed that computer science graduates were among the highest paid last year, with NUS computer science graduates receiving S$4,285 - S$285 more than in 2016. Even before they leave school, computing undergraduates are snagging lucrative internships at Silicon Valley giants such as Apple and Google. Dr Jovian Lin, who is the lead artificial intelligence scientist at Dentsu Aegis Network, graduated with a computer science degree from NUS in 2009. In his work, he builds features powered by machine-learning, such as AI-powered machines to learn and understand marketing and advertising concepts. Dr Lin noted that the growth in computing jobs is due to developments in machine learning, which has become central to the product strategy of tech giants like Google, Facebook and Baidu. Over the the past two years, enrolment in NUS Computing has increased by 65 per cent to 730. Over the same period, intake size for the university's Master of Computing programme also grew by 60 per cent to about 220. In the new academic year starting in August, intake for NUS Computing's undergraduate courses will be raised to about 900 places. Despite more places opening up, it is getting more competitive to get in. Applicants applying to NUS computer science course will now require straight As to get a spot. Professor Mohan Kankanhalli, Dean of NUS Computing, say that the dotcom bubble burst in the past was a "sneak preview that went wrong" and do not think that the same thing will happen again. 

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Browser-based payments startup RateX raises $3 million

07 March 2018 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media

NUS Computing alumni Davis Gay and Lim Jing Rong's startup, RateX, recently raised S$3million in a pre-series A funding round. RateX is a free browser extension that automatically provides shoppers with the lowest exchange rate at no transaction fee for overseas purchases through e-commerce platforms. It will use the newly-raised funding to launch of its mobile app in Singapore in Taiwan as well as accelerate its overseas expansion into Indonesia this year.

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Crowdvilla enables you to collectively own and use a holiday home –using Ethereum

05 March 2018 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media

NUS Computing alumni Darvin Kurniawan, David Chandra and Hendrik Tanjaya Tan, launched Crowdvilla as a platform for users to use Ethereum to invest in holiday homes in major tourist destinations by implementing the sharing economy concept. To do so, the trio created Reidao, a platform for users to purchase properties using digital assets. 

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Grads get to work with big tech names

01 March 2018 Department of Computer Science , Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Alum , News Media

Even before Ms Poornima Venkataraman graduated from NUS in July last year, several tech companies had come calling. Said the 24-year-old, who studied business analytics: "I knew it's a very interesting area with a lot of opportunities." She is an account manager at Facebook Singapore where she is part of a team working with small and medium businesses in the Indian market to grow their business through Facebook platforms. Mr Yeo Quan Yang, who graduated with a computer science degree from NUS last year, said the skillset he acquired at university helped him to learn fast, such as picking up new programming languages. Like him, many of his friends have been given "big opportunities" to work with tech giants like Google, said the 26-year-old software engineer with Apple in California.

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IT, business graduates get higher starting pay

26 February 2018 Department of Computer Science , Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Faculty , Alum , News Media

Chng Hui Yie entered computing due to her interest in Neopets and blogging when she was younger. While her parents were reluctant for her to study computing, her decision paid off. Last year, she graduated from NUS with a degree in computer science. Ms Chng, who started working a month after graduation, and earns about $5,000 as a software engineer in inventory management startup TradeGecko. The latest annual survey of graduates shows that fresh graduates in business, economics and computing see the biggest pay jumps. NUS graduates in computer science have enjoyed a median gross salary of $4,285 in 2017. Associate Professor Goh Khim Yong, vice-dean of coporate relations at NUS Computing, said computing degrees attract one of the highest starting salaries. It overtook other fields like dental surgery last year. He added that every sector needs IT and that computing ties industries like transportation and media together. 

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Why the Raspberry Pi's immune to the Meltdown and Spectre bugs

08 January 2018 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media

As an experiment, engineer and NUS School of Computing graduate Yeo Kheng Meng managed to get a modern Linux distribution running on a 25-year-old IBM PC from 1993 - an x86 machine that isn't vulnerable to Meltdown or Spectre CPU flaws, due to the fact that it doesn't support out-of-order processing.

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MSBA alumni win two competitions at CIKM AnalytiCup 2017

14 December 2017 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Alum

14 December 2017 – Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) alumni performed well in the ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) AnalytiCup 2017, winning two out of the four challenges.

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New Hot Tech Innovators Report Identifies Innovative Startups and In-Store Technologies that Are Driving and Shaping the Future of Smart Retail

14 December 2017 Department of Computer Science , Faculty , Alum , News Media

ABI Research, a market-foresight advisory firm, identified ViSenze as one of seven solutions and innovative companies that look set to drive a retail revolution. ViSenze is co-founded by Professor Chua Tat-Seng and NUS Computing alumnus Li Guang Da. ViSenze uses artificial intelligence to deliver intelligent image recognition solutions to shorten the path of action for consumers to search and discover on the visual web.

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Meet the Boss – Exclusive Interview with Zilliqa CEO Xinshu Dong

09 December 2017 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media

Zilliqa is a new blockchain platform designed to scale in an open, permission-less distributed network securely with record-breaking transaction times. CEO Dong Xinshu and Blockchain Architect Jia Yaoqi are former PhD students in NUS School of Computing.

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NUS honours 15 alumni for outstanding contributions to alma mater and society

23 November 2017 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media

Computer Engineering alumnus Lucas Ngoo, with NUS alumni Marcus Tan and Quek Siu Rui, received the Outstanding Young Alumni Award as a team, the first time a team accolade has been presented at the university's biennial alumni awards.

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The Story of Jason Choo and 30 Hackathons

17 November 2017 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media

NUS School of Computing alumnus Jason Choo's fire for hackathons and entrepreneurship was sparked during his university days, where he was introduced to booming startup ecosystems around the world that focused on bringing tech solutions to businesses. Choo has since participated in 30 hackathons since 2014 and is continuously joining more competitions to satisfy his insatiable thirst for learning about the latest technolgies and innovations across various industries.

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Computer Science alumni win Judges’ Choice Award at GameStart 2017 Indie Awards

09 November 2017 Department of Computer Science , Alum

9 November 2017 – Recent NUS Computing graduates Tan Kang Soon, Muhammad Hanif Bin Ghazali and Eu Yong Xue won the Judges’ Choice Award at the GameStart 2017 Indie Awards, held in Singapore from 14 to 15 October this year.

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Finding Treasure in 'Trash' - These S'poreans Are Making Us Finish Up Extra Food With Discounts

17 October 2017 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media

Computer Science alumnus Kenneth Ham co-founded Treatsure, Singapore's first reservation platform for surplus food. The app shares discounts on surplus food by various F&B outlets, reducing the amount of food waste.

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'Proptech' takes buildings beyond bricks and mortar

03 October 2017 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Alum , News Media

Rresh graduate Peter Widjaja set up Hubble, a proptech startup, with his friends while studying Information Systems at the National University of Singapore. Revenue hit a "seven-figure" amount last year and the company has seen the number of clients increase from six last year to 15 by the middle of this year.

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Singaporean start-up Doctorbell enhances patient care using digital health

13 September 2017 Department of Computer Science , Alum , News Media

Digital health start-up Doctorbell has started a collaboration with the Singapore General Hospital Accident & Emergency (A&E) to develop interventional patient engagement systems to reduce costly readmissions. Doctorbell was founded by NUS Computing Alumni Patrick Poh, Ming Xiang Tham and Nicholas Chewin mid 2016, and is a full-fledged patient engagement system that enhances patient education, healthcare provider productivity, and facilitates patient-doctor communication.

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NUS Computing receives NUS Giving Top Achievement Award

11 September 2017 Department of Computer Science , Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Alum

11 September 2017 – NUS Computing received the Top Achievement Award for having the most number of graduates participating in the recent Commencement Class Giving 2017 campaign.

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A flair for tech and business

11 July 2017 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Alum , News Media

Lim Guo Hong, a recent Information Systems graduate, founded a globally successful start-up that was acquired for close to $1.6 million, all before he graduated from university. The online car-rental start-up, RC9, was set up by Guo Hong in his undergraduate days and was used in more than 7,300 locations across 150 countries.

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NUS Computing alumni part of winning team at AirAsia hackathon

29 March 2017 Department of Computer Science , Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Alum


29 March 2017 – Team Aviato, a group of five NUS and NTU alumni, won the Airvolution hackathon organized by budget carrier AirAsia.

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InvestingNote, a social network for investors by investors

18 March 2017 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Alum , News Media

 Founded by Information Systems alumnus Shanison Lin, InvestingNote is a platform that allows users to keep their own e-journals for their investments.

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