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Bennett University: Global programme to hone AI, data skills of students

27 January 2022 CSMEDIA Department of Computer Science , Faculty , News Media


To offer its students holistic and experiential learning on a global platform, Bennett University has collaborated with Corporate Gurukul to offer Global Academic Internship Programme (GAIP) certified by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). With this partnership, the students will experience collaborative learning in artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning and deep learning.

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Start-up StaffAny founded by NUS grads raises $4.6 million in funding

21 January 2022 Student , Alum , News Media


Workforce management start-up StaffAny has raised US$3.4 million (S$4.6 million) in a Series A funding round led by GGV Capital, a global venture capital firm with US$9.2 billion in assets under management. Founded by a team of alumni from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the NUS Overseas Colleges programme, StaffAny helps businesses with a blue-collar workforce to optimise their staff scheduling, time-tracking and end-of-month time sheet consolidation.

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SIA-NUS lab launched to help improve passenger sleep on long-haul flights

20 January 2022 Research , News Media


Passengers on Singapore Airlines (SIA) flights can look forward to more restful trips in future, should a newly created lab succeed in its research. Over the next few years, SIA and researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) will work together to study the optimal time to wake up flight passengers for meals, among other initiatives. This could even pave the way for personalised meal times based on the individual passenger's sleep cycle.

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NUS' Internet Celebrity Professor: Ben Leong

03 January 2022 CSMEDIA Department of Computer Science , Faculty , News Media


Mention Associate Professor Ben Leong, and many NUS students will know who he is - the resident professor who dishes out advice on NUS Whispers, a page which allows users to express their opinions, publish personal confessions, and seek advice anonymously. 

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Top Blockchain University: National University of Singapore

23 November 2021 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Faculty , Teaching , News Media


The top blockchain school in the world features three blockchain-related research labs, multiple student-led cryptoclubs and offers pupils the opportunity to work with its many partners in the blockchain space. The National University of Singapore (NUS) provides a variety of blockchain and crypto-related courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as programs for continuing education. Course titles include “Blockchain Engineering” and “AI, Blockchain and Quantum Computing.” 

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Protecting data as the new gold

23 November 2021 CSMEDIA Department of Computer Science , Faculty , News Media , Security

Goh, a former MyRepublic mobile subscriber, was one of nearly 79,400 other customers who had their personal data potentially accessed by hackers when the telco's third-party servers were compromised on Aug 29 this year. He had ported his mobile number to MyRepublic to take advantage of its cheaper rates, but has since ported back to his previous telco after the breach.

Data, including scanned copies of both sides of National Registration Identity Cards (NRICs) were potentially exposed in the MyRepublic breach. The information had been used to verify the identity of customers applying for their mobile services.

The Business Times, 23 November 2021

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Your Smartphone May Soon Be Able To Detect Hidden Spy Cameras

18 November 2021 Faculty , Student , Research , News Media , Security


By now it’s highly likely that the camera in your smartphone has become the primary (or even only) way that you take pictures. Today’s advanced smartphone camera setups are capable of much more than snapping scenery or selfies, though. Did you know they can reveal the location of hidden spy cameras?

This new ability is thanks to the addition of a time-of-flight (ToF) sensor to many new models. The sensor helps a smartphone analyze depth information about a scene that’s being photographed.

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TigerGraph and NUS Business Analytics Centre Collaborate to Strengthen Graph Database Capabilities

11 November 2021 Faculty , Teaching , News Media


The National University of Singapore Business Analytics Centre (NUS BAC) and TigerGraph, provider of the leading graph analytics platform, announced that they have entered into an MOU to enhance business analytics curriculum and strengthen students' graph database capabilities.

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Rajah & Tann partners with NUS to develop a seven-course tech program for lawyers

10 November 2021 Faculty , Teaching , News Media


Singapore law firm Rajah & Tann has collaborated with the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing (NUS Computing) to develop a seven-course technology program for lawyers.

In a statement, the firm said that the program is designed to equip lawyers with the skills to “harness disruptive technologies shaping the future of law,” and will include courses in design thinking, financial technology, application programming interface, robotic process automation, business analytics, and blockchain.

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2U announces partnership with the National University of Singapore, One of Asia's Top-Ranked Global Universities, to expand online professional education

09 November 2021 Faculty , Teaching , News Media , Press Release

2U Inc., a global leader in education technology, today announced a new partnership with the National University of Singapore School of Computing (NUS Computing) to create a portfolio of new GetSmarter professional programs in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), business analytics, fintech/blockchain, digital transformation, and product management/strategy. The partnership will provide professionals across the globe the opportunity to learn new skills from one of the world's leading computing schools.

The twelve new short courses in development aim to build depth and breadth in key disciplines and include AI in Finance, Crypto and Digital Currencies, and Digital Transformation Strategies. While all courses can be taken individually, NUS Computing is also exploring combining various courses to create learning pathways for students in each discipline.

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Salaries to remittances: Afghans embrace crypto amid financial chaos

13 October 2021 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Faculty , News Media


When Roya Mahboob began paying her staff and freelancers in Afghanistan in bitcoin nearly 10 years ago, little did she know that for some of these women the digital currency would be their ticket out of the country after the fall of Kabul in August.

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The 'billion dollar' phenomenon Axie Infinity: how do we value a game company's NFT?

16 August 2021 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Faculty , News Media


Recently, video game Axie Infinity by Sky Mavis game company in Vietnam attracted many players around the world with a model of both playing and making money with NFTs. At one point, the total capitalization of AXS, the game's token, reached $2.4 billion. However, the CEO of the company has denied calling himself a dollar billionaire because the token's capitalization is different from the total capitalization of the company.

Associate Professor Keith Carter thinks that the valuation of the company and the game's token is different. "It's not fair to say that it's just a video game company, so just value it as you would for 30-year-old game companies like Blitzard or Activision," he said.

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Behind the scenes: A day in the life of a cybersecurity "threat hunter

09 August 2021 CSMEDIA Department of Computer Science , Student , News Media , Security

Twenty-six-year-old Cherlynn Cha, born and raised in Singapore, thought cybersecurity was "so cool" as a teenager. "The good guys get the bad guys," she said, "or help each other using cool, cutting-edge technology."

Cha attended the National University of Singapore and studied computer science with a focus in cybersecurity, where she learned "the theory behind all of the things we take for granted." She first got a security job in a consulting firm, where she worked in identity and access management, then she worked at a bank, as a security operations center analyst before landing her current job, as a "threat hunter" at ExpressVPN.

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Software Engineer Recreates Singapore MRT on a Circuit Board

05 August 2021 CSMEDIA Department of Computer Science , Student , News Media

PCBs are used for any electronic gadget, from your smartphone to industrial equipment such as electric drills. They can also be used by hobbyists who want to build their own electronics projects such as in the case of Arduino.

Singaporean software engineer Chai Jia Xun has recently used a PCB in an interesting manner. He created a palm-sized trinket prototype of the Singapore MRT, including the new Thomson-East Coast MRT line. Chai has been an employee at Silicon Valley for at least three years. As a graduate of the NUS School of Computing, he says that his education wasn't at all related to PCBs. However, his interest in train system maps and PCBs led him to create the prototype. He also revealed that he made the MRT prototype for the sole reason that it looks cool. Chai learned mostly from YouTube and used free software to start making his PCB projects.

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'Tech-lite' roles in ICT sector also need to be filled: Josephine Teo

02 August 2021 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Faculty , News Media , FinTech


The information and communications technology (ICT) sector is also looking to fill "tech-lite" roles, such as in digital marketing.

Minister for Communications and Information Josephine Teo said on Saturday (July 31) that aside from jobs that require people with tech skills, the sector also wants to tap the experience and knowledge of specific industries and sectors.

Associate Professor Keith Carter, from the National University of Singapore's School of Computing, said the common misconception is that it is hard to get into the technology sector. People who are interested to get into the sector should think about how their background can help them to succeed in this sector.

"We need everyone," he added.

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Founders of start-up aim to be as versatile as waffles

21 July 2021 CSMEDIA Department of Computer Science , Student , News Media

Waffles with maple syrup are a welcome breakfast treat, or pair them up with fried chicken for an irresistible savoury dish. The flexibility of the popular food item helped fire up the imagination of two National University of Singapore (NUS) students during their time with the NUS Overseas Colleges programme in Silicon Valley, and spurred them to create a business idea. The founders, Mr Auston Quek, 27, and Mr Zames Chua, 26, started the firm about five months ago, after graduating from NUS last year, following a chat about the idea over lunch - which happened to be waffles and fried chicken.

Called Waffle Technologies, the firm provides point-of-sale services to bricks-and-mortar food and beverage outlets. It aims to provide insights to these businesses by analysing the data from their transactions as well as loyalty and rewards software. So far, the firm has racked up a client base of 42 customers and the two founders manage a team of six.

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Future-Ready: How Is Singapore Developing Its Fintech Talent Pool?

14 July 2021 CSMEDIA Department of Computer Science , Faculty , Student , News Media

As the fintech ecosystem continues to flourish in Singapore, there is a growing need for talent. To prepare for this, the government together with these institutions are working towards creating a strong fintech talent pipeline, equipped with the relevant skills for tomorrow’s workforce. Recognising the gap in the fintech talent pool, these institutions are also forming strategic collaborations to strengthen the talent pipeline with relevant skills through education.

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New NUS centre gives computing students a chance to serve community

30 June 2021 CSMEDIA Department of Computer Science , Faculty , Student , News Media

A new centre at the National University of Singapore (NUS) is rolling out a raft of special programmes for people with autism, children from low-income homes and social service agencies. The initiatives, which offer NUS Computing students opportunities to take part in community service, are helmed by the Centre for Computing for Social Good and Philanthropy, which was launched yesterday at the NUS School of Computing. The centre was set up with a gift of $1.5 million from the Mrs Lee Choon Guan Trust Fund, which supports initiatives linked to healthcare and education. Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat, the guest of honour at the launch, said the push for an inclusive digital society must continue as digital disruptions gain momentum in the future. 

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From scoring 109 at PSLE to earning honours degree at NUS: Man shares his learning journey

29 June 2021 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , News Media , Artificial Intelligence , Computational Social Science


Some believed Chan Wei Zhang would never succeed academically after he was placed in the lowest stream in primary five and later scored 109 for the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). However, they would be wrong. Chan, now 28, will graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with honours next month. In his interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Chan said that he gets "looked at differently" by some people who know about his academic history in primary and secondary school and his ITE education. Therefore, after getting accepted into the NUS School of Computing, he made it his goal to graduate so that he could prove wrong those who believed in stereotypes of the less academically inclined. Chan told The New Paper that he was unsure at first if he could cope with the NUS curriculum given his academic background before adding that "it turned out to be a lot better than expected". During his time at NUS, Chan also volunteered to teach coding and networking basics to children from low-income families, he told Lianhe Zaobao. He will soon graduate from NUS and will be working as a software engineer at a multinational corporation.

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S'porean man, 28, creates map of digitally-disadvantaged hawkers to bring them customers

09 June 2021 Department of Information Systems & Analytics , Alum , News Media


Since Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) kicked in with its no dining in restriction, many F&B establishments, especially hawkers, have been struggling due to the reduced footfall. Apart from governmental efforts, a 28-year-old Singaporean user of the Reddit forum who goes by the waffleboy92 handle, launched a crowd-sourced Google Map layer that shows some of digitally-disadvantaged hawkers that have been hit hard to raise their visibility online. The map layer creator is inviting others to contribute to the map to give the digitally-disadvantaged hawkers more exposure. According to his first post published on May 23, the Redditor, whose real name is M Thirukkumaran, was inspired to help local hawkers after reading KF Seetoh's Facebook post. The aim of his initiative is to help those who wish to support digitally disadvantaged hawkers in their vicinity but are unaware of who and where these hawkers are located.

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