Application Details and Admission Requirements

1. Q: Do I need to have a related (or same discipline) bachelor’s degree in order to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Computing Foundations (GC-CF)?

Ans: The GC-CF programme is open to those with a bachelor’s degree, including those whose degrees are not from the related discipline. Candidates with other qualifications and/or related work experience may also apply for the programme. Each application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. The above are minimum requirements and do not guarantee admission.

 2. Q: Can I enroll for this programme if I have a full-time job?

Ans: All candidates are enrolled to the programme on a part-time basis. You may check the schedule on our programme webpage for details of the module timetable.

3. Q: If I have been in IT industry for years but am not a computing graduate, can I apply for this programme?

Ans: Yes, you may apply for this programme even though you are not a computing graduate. You may refer to our website under Admission Requirements.

4. Q: What are the required documents for application to the GC-CF programme?

Ans: You may refer to our websiteApplication Information on details of the necessary documents required when you submit your application via the online application portal.

5. Q: When do I need to submit my supporting documents?

Ans: All supporting documents have to be submitted via the online application portal by the application deadline as stated on our website. The School reserves the right to defer the application for consideration to the subsequent intake if necessary documents are submitted after the application deadline.

6. Q: If I am on an employment pass, do I still need to apply for a visa/pass for this programme as I am a foreigner?

Ans: For international candidates, if you are currently working in Singapore and hold a valid work/ employment pass, you do not have to apply for any visa or pass. However, candidates are to ensure that the pass that they are holding allows them to take up courses in Singapore.

7. Q: I noticed that in the application portal, we are required to rank the modules that we have selected. Does this imply that the application of the selected module(s) is not guaranteed? Can I choose to drop the module(s) if I am allocated the module(s) successfully?

Ans: Allocation of the selected module(s) is not guaranteed. It is possible to drop the module(s) after allocation.


Admission & Curriculum

 1. Q: If I have limited computing background, are there any prerequisite modules that I would need to complete before I am eligible to enroll for the GC-CF modules?

Ans: Candidates do not have to complete any prerequisite modules. All GC-CF candidates are required to be enrolled to the IT5001 Software Development Fundamentals. Candidates are strongly encouraged to understand what the GC-CF modules entail by going through the respective module descriptions listed in the GC-FC website - Annex.


2. Q: Where can I view the schedule of the class? Is it held during the weekends or weekdays? What is the frequency of the classes? Are the classes held at NUS Campus?

Ans: Enrolled students are required to attend classes which are held in NUS campus. Classes can be held during weekday evenings and/or Saturdays. For GC-CF, you may refer to our website - Annex (SoC GC-CF).


3. Q: What is the mode of assessment for GC-CF modules? Is the grading based on assignments or a combination of assignments and exams? If it is the latter, what is the combination?

Ans: The mode of assessment for the modules typically consists of lab and/or written assignments and a final exam. The detailed information with regards to the course content and assessment components will be provided by the lecturers in the first lecture.

4. Q: When are the intakes for GC-CF?

Ans: The intakes are in January and August.

5. Q: Is there any information session for applicants to find out more about GC-CF programme?

Ans: Currently, we do not hold any information sessions for GC-CF programme. Should there be any information session scheduled, the details will be published on our website.

Q: How many modules do I need to pass in order to obtain a Graduate Certificate?

Ans: To be awarded the graduate certificate, the candidate must complete three modules (12 modular credits) listed in the GC-CF programme structure, and obtain at least a CAP of 2.5

Q: As the GC-CF programme is a part-time programme for working professionals, can I take it on a modular basis, ie. enroll in one module per semester due to work commitment?

Ans: Part-time students can take minimally one module per semester.


Course Fees

 1. Q: Is there a difference in terms of course fee for International Student /Singapore Citizen/ PR?

Ans: For details on course fees, you may refer to our website - Course Fees.

Q: Graduate Certificate in Computing Foundations qualify for SSG funding for Singapore Citizens and Singapore PR. How should I go about applying it?

Ans: You may refer to the breakdown of the course fees on our websiteCourse Fees. Please note that the course fees indicated is on a per module basis. For candidates who are eligible for SSG funding, their Student Bill will be reflected accordingly, after verifications have been done. You may be requested to provide additional documents for verification, depending on the type of funding scheme

Q: Is the course fees stated on the website for one module?

Ans: Yes.

 4. Q: Does the total nett programme fee payable include the Student Services Fee?

Ans: The fees payable for the course/modules is not inclusive of the Student Services Fee.

Q: If I would like to withdraw from the programme, am I able to get a refund for the course fees that I have paid?

Ans: Students who leave the University, either through withdrawal on their own accord or termination of candidature by the University, after Instructional Week 2 of the semester will be liable to pay fees for the entire semester. Requests for refund will generally not be considered. You may refer to this guideline under the Refund Policy.


1. Q: Are there any special terms for this programme? If not, how long is one term?

Ans: There are no special terms for this programme. This programme follows the NUS Academic Calendar (eg. Semester 1 - August and Semester 2 - January).

Q: How will I know which modules are offered in January and August semester?

Ans: The website for the modules offered every semester will be published about one to two months before the new semester.

Q: How long does it take for me to complete the GC-CF programme under normal circumstances?
Ans: Candidates can complete the programme between one to two semester(s), depending on individual’s time commitment. It will also depend greatly on how many modules candidates take per semester, and whether the preferred modules are being offered

Q: How do I locate the venue of my classrooms?

Ans: You may refer to this link: Directions to find out the venue of your classrooms.

5. Q: Do I need to obtain the Graduate Certificate in Computing Foundations to gain admission to the master’s degree programme in the School of Computing?

Ans: The GC-CF programme can help non-computing graduates develop stronger foundations that would better prepare themselves for the master’s degree programmes in computing. Do note that admission to the SoC master’s degree programmes is on competitive basis and there no guarantee of admission.

Q: How easy/difficult is it to get admission in master’s degree programmes upon completion of Graduate Certificate?

Ans: Admission to the master’s degree programmes is on competitive basis and there no guarantee of admission.

7. Q: If I decide to embark on the master’s degree programme, am I allowed to transfer any module credits from the GC-CF programme to the master’s degree programme?

Ans: No.