Graduate Tutorship-PhD Scheme (NUS-SoC)

The prestigious Graduate Tutorship-PhD Scheme is open to top Singaporean talents in the computing discipline who are interested to pursue research in Computing fields – these include Computer Science, Information Systems, and related sub-fields such as Data Science & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, FinTech etc. Graduate tutors will undertake PhD study at the NUS School of Computing (SoC). This scheme presents an excellent opportunity in preparing the PhD candidate for a research career in either industry or academia.

As part of the academic training, the graduate tutor will also be required to undertake some hours of teaching assistantship per week during academic term time. The teaching experience is important in developing the PhD Graduate tutors in their communication skills, and for them to conduct professional classes/training in future. There will also be flexibility in this scheme to encourage graduate tutors to go on industry-related internships, to help strengthen and broaden the research perspectives of our PhD students.

Features of the Graduate Tutorship Scheme

The main features of this tutorship scheme are as follows:

  1. This scheme is open to top Singaporean applicants who have completed either the bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computing or related discipline (of any university) to undertake PhD programme in NUS School of Computing.

  2. Successful candidates on this scheme must enrol for PhD programme, and shall also be appointed as a full-time tutor and assume teaching assistantship duties as assigned by the respective Department in SoC.

  3. PhD candidates on this scheme will follow the respective Department’s PhD programme structure.

  4. Graduate tutors who have excelled in both their teaching and research work are eligible to apply for leave to embark on research internships at a research-active organization, subject to the approval of the PhD supervisor and the Department.

Tutorship Financial Support

Candidates successfully appointed to this scheme will be provided with the following financial support:

  • Up to 5 years of the graduate tutorship support to complete the PhD programme. The PhD Qualifying Examination (QE) must be completed within 2 years from the admission to PhD programme. Continuation of the tutorship support is subject to satisfactory performance in both teaching and PhD study.

  • Each candidate in this scheme will initially be paid S$6,000 per month (with prevailing CPF contributions and medical benefits). 

  • Candidate may apply for waiver of PhD tuition fees.

Application Information

Interested candidates may apply to either the Departments of Computer Science (CS) or Information Systems and Analytics (DISA). Such candidates must meet the admission requirements of the NUS-SoC’s PhD programme in Computer Science or Information Systems and go through all necessary academic milestones. When submitting the PhD application, candidates should indicate their research interests in their personal statement.

In addition to the online PhD application, candidates must also email the following documents for their Tutorship Scheme application to

Candidates are to submit the following documents when putting in their applications:

  • CV
  • Academic transcripts
  • Statement of purpose in support of the PhD study goals

Applications are accepted year round, and will be considered for the next nearest intake. The deadline for each intake is:

August Intake: 15 March
January Intake: 15 September (of previous calendar year)

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