Please be informed that only your home faculty can assist with the credit transfer process. SoC students who have participated in the Student Exchange Programme (SEP), Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP), and summer/winter programmes should follow the below steps to request and complete the credit transfer process:

How to submit

  • Intended mappings request: Submit your intended course mappings request via the 'Credit Transfer Request' page on your EduRec's mapping worksheet. This is where you will indicate the courses you have taken during your exchange or overseas programme and request for credit transfer.  Please click here for the step-by-step guide that is also use for CourseReg pseudo promotion declaration process.

  • Email your official transcript: In addition to submitting the credit transfer request on EduRec, you should email your official transcript from the partner university to Ms. Diana Wong at This transcript is essential for the credit transfer process.

Processing Time

  •  After submitting the official transcript from the partner university, the credit transfer process typically takes about two weeks for completion.
  • Please note that your credit transfer should be processed and updated by the following semester from your exchange semester.

What you need to take note of

  • Release of official transcripts: The timeline for receiving official transcripts varies between partner universities. Students are advised to check with their partner university to understand when they can expect to receive their official transcript before returning to NUS.
  • Follow-up on transcript status: If students do not receive their official transcript within 2 months after returning from SEP, they are required to check with the partner university on the status of their transcript to ensure it's timely processing.
  • English translated copy: For universities whose language medium is not in English, students should request an English translated copy of their transcript from the partner university.
  • Grading requirement for credit transfer: Only courses that are graded in the partner universities can be credited. Pass/Fail options will not be considered for credit transfer. This includes courses that have only Pass or Fail grading or courses where students have chosen to exercise the option to declare a Pass/Fail grade on their transcript.
  • Course mapping completion: Credit transfer will be processed based on the approved course mappings received. Therefore, it is crucial for students to complete their course mapping requests before returning from SEP to ensure a smooth credit transfer process.
  • NUS Units Exchange Ratio: Appropriate adjustments will be made based on the NUS Units Exchange Ratio. Students are encouraged to refer to the course mapping section for more information on how credits earned at the partner university will be translated to NUS course units.