The School of Computing provides opportunities for students to undertake on a substantial computing-related project work over a period of one year. Students work individually on self-proposed projects or projects proposed by staff. They will have good opportunity to apply what they have learnt on practical problems, be it research-oriented or software development-oriented.

CP4106 is letter-graded. Student is required to submit a report at the end of first semester into the project. The supervisor and main evaluator would assess on student's performance and also on his/her competence and attitude towards the project. On completion of the project a student is required to submit a report describing the project work, and give an oral presentation before a panel of examiners, in a seminar environment.

CP4106 spans over a period of two semesters, with a workload of approximately 260 hours, and carries an MC of 8 credits.

This project option is open to all computing students who have completed at least 112 MCs. Students who are doing / plan to complete a Final Year Project (CG4001, BT4101, CP4101, or any Integrated Honours Thesis/Project/Dissertation module) are not eligible to take CP4106.

CEG students may count CP4106 towards their technical electives. Other computing students may count CP4106 towards their UE.

For students (excluding CEG students) from Cohort 2020-2021 and after, you may count CP4106 towards Breadth and Depth requirements. Please refer to the webpages of your respective programme for more information.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Ivy Ng.