CP4106 Report Writing

Report Submission Schedule

Timeline for CP4106 Computing Project Report Submission



1. Continuous Assessment : CA Report

a) Deadline to submit Project Update Form

b) Deadline for submission of CA report to supervisor and main evaluator.

c) Presentation to supervisor and main evaluator.

a) Friday, week 3

b) Wednesday, week 12

c) Reading week

2. Final Assessment (FYP Presentation)

a) Deadline for submission of Final Report:

Students to submit ring-bound hardcopies of the report to supervisor, main evaluator and moderator directly.

Wednesday, Week 12 of next semester
3.  PresentationReading Week

4a) Submission of Feedback of Final Year Project Guidance and Evaluation

4b) Submission of e-copy of Final Report

First Monday after Exam

Please click here for the actual schedule.

Continual Assessment

Continual Assessment (CA) – At the end of semester 1 (on week 12, by 5pm), each student has to submit an interim project report (Please see CA Report Guidelines) which is to be evaluated by the supervisor and one examiner (called the Main Evaluator). The main evaluator will also be the evaluator for the same project in the final presentation.

The supervisor and the main evaluator will have the opportunity to comment on student’s competence and attitude towards the project and on student’s progress so far.

Students are required to make the arrangement to meet up with both the supervisor and the main evaluator so that he/she can report on his/her progress after submitting the interim report, during the reading week.

CA accounts for 30% of the final grade of the project. CA given by supervisor will be 15% and the main evaluator would assess the progress for 15%.

The CA Report will be used as a basis for your supervisor and main evaluator to decide whether you have made sufficient progress to continue with CP4106 (please see the CA evaluation form at ‘Forms & Contact’ for the criteria which your supervisor would evaluate your progress).

If your supervisor and main evaluator agrees that you can continue the project, you will be automatically registered for CP4106 next semester; and you will receive an ‘IP’ grade for CP4106 this semester. If however, your supervisor and main evaluator decide that you have not made sufficient progress and recommends that you discontinue the project, you would receive an ‘W’ grade for CP4106.

Final Report format

The physical layout and formatting of the report is also important, and yet is very often neglected. A tidy, well laid out and consistently formatted document makes for easier reading and is suggestive of a careful and professional attitude towards its preparation.

Remember that quantity does not automatically guarantee quality. Conciseness, clarity, and elegance are invaluable qualities in report writing, just as they are in programming, and will be rewarded appropriately.

Please refer to Final Report Guidelines for the report format.

Some Guidelines

The CP4106 Report Writing is an extremely important aspect of the course. It serves to show what you have achieved and should demonstrate that:

  • Approach you have taken compared to existing research/methodology/investigation.
  • Theoretical and/or practical techniques and problem-solving skills applied in the project.
  • You may objectively criticise your own work and make constructive suggestions for improvements or further work based on your experiences so far.

Evaluators will only have a short time to listen to your presentation during the seminar (and in some cases see a demonstration). For this reason, they will rely heavily on the report to judge the project and the final outcome can be influenced significantly by the quality of your project report. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the write-up to the last minute. Ideally, starting from CA report, you should produce the bulk of the report as you go along and use the last week or two to bring it together into a coherent document.

What else to include in the report?

In case you wrote a paper describing your Project results for possible conference publication (up to 10 pages), you can include the paper in the Project Report Appendix. In such case, the page limit for your report is 55 pages plus 10 pages for the paper. Note that it is not obligatory for you to include a paper into your Report.

Report Submission

The final report is due on Wednesday, week 12, 5.00 pm.

Your final assessment will be evaluated by your supervisor and main evaluator.   

Please submit soft copy of your final report DIRECTLY to your Supervisor and Main Evaluator by the deadline.

You may wish to note that your supervisor can optionally attend your online presentations (via video conferencing) as the assessment of the quality of your presentation will only come from the main evaluator, NOT the supervisor. Online video conferencing can be done via Zoom/Microsoft Teams.

If you are working on a ‘confidential’ project, please ensure that you display the word “CONFIDENTIAL” prominently on the cover and back pages of your Project report. Please ensure that you submit your report on time.

Project Update Form

If the title of project, key words or nature of projects is changed then students/supervisors must complete a PROJECT UPDATE FORM, and return it to the SoC Office of Undergraduate Studies (Attn: Ms Ivy Ng) or email the completed form to ivyng@nus.edu.sg. Alternatively, supervisors can also make the changes through the Project Administration System. The deadline for any updates is by Week 3 of the semester in which the project started, ie first sem of the project.