Sneak Peek IScrop

You are close to completing your project for IS3102 Information Systems Development Project. You and your teammates have been enthusiastically developing a hospitality management system for an integrated resort chain. While you have always enjoyed participating in hackathons, developing an enterprise-level system in a team is a completely different challenge. You check if you have your neck-tie for the IS3102 project presentation today. You want to look sharp, and present with confidence! After your presentation, you meet with representatives for whom you are setting-up and managing a retail company Facebook fan page, as part of your IS3222 IT and Customer Relationship Management project. You are enjoying the experience of a real-life industry project that needs not only computer coding skills, but also an in-depth understanding of the retail business and the Customer Relationship Management aspects on social media platforms. Thanks to Information Systems, you have developed the confidence to innovate business with infocomm solutions that you can design, acquire and market. You have no doubt that the rigorous education you are receiving now will stand you in good stead for a career as a business leader with deep technology insights.


Sampler of Modules

IS2102 Enterprise Systems Architecture and Design

Learn the critical skillsets of architecting and designing modern large-scale Enterprise Systems, which are complex, scalable, distributed, component-based and mission-critical.


IS3103 Information Systems Leadership

Gain deep understanding of key drivers of strategic innovation, develop effective leadership and communication skills to align and integrate novel technologies and business processes for successful products and services.


IS3150 Digital Media Marketing

Have an excellent grasp of social media analytics, market analysis, consumers' behavior, customer relationship management, customer metrics and economic returns from digital marketing.

IS3251 Principles of Technology Entrepreneurship

Develop deep understanding of current developments in entrepreneurship, worldwide and in Singapore and be taught to use a variety of tools, techniques and frameworks for the development and analysis of entrepreneurial businesses.


IS4151 Pervasive Technology Solutions and Development

Study computer and network architectures for pervasive computing, wearable technologies, internet of things, mobile computing mechanisms, location mechanisms, techniques for security and user-authentication.


IS4204 IT Governance

Learn how to perform strategic planning to meet the business objectives of the organisation and draw up policies and guidelines for IT Governance.


IS4243 Information Systems Consulting

Know management and IS consulting practices, and experience a real-life field consulting project with an organisation!


IS4302 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

Develop crucial know-how in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies that have disrupted the financial industry.


What You Could Be

bullet arrow  Finance Analyst at Goldman Sachs
bullet arrow  Manager at International Enterprise Singapore
bullet arrow  Consultant at Accenture
bullet arrow  Associate Consultant at KPMG
bullet arrow  IT Specialist at IBM (Global Technology Services)
bullet arrow  Developer Evangelist at Microsoft
bullet arrow  Technology Associate at Singapore Exchange


Curriculum & Programme details