1. Modules
  2. Eligibility
  3. Workload
  4. Track
  5. Application and Briefing
  6. Exemptions
  7. Report
  8. Withdrawal
  9. Transcript


Two modules are offered:


Undergraduate Research
in Computing I

4 Completed 60 MCs of coursework
CP3209 Undergraduate Research
in Computing II
4 CP3208


A student participating in UROP takes a two-module (8 MCs) sequence spread over two semesters in the recommended year-long configuration: CP3208 in the first semester, followed by CP3209 in the second. Even though each UROP module is a one-semester module, it is understood that this will also include compulsory full-time research work during the vacation preceding that semester.

It is expected that the student will complete an initial research study on the project in CP3208 (vacation and first semester) and complete the research project in CP3209 (the following vacation and second semester).


To be eligible for Introduction, a student must:

  1. Be an SoC student;
  2. Have passed 60 MCs of coursework;
  3. Attain a minimum CAP of 3.8.

Workload and Duration

  • A student who applies for UROP is committed to taking the two-module (8 MCs) sequence of CP3208 and CP3209.
  • CP3208 and CP3209 must be completed before (and not concurrently with) CP4101 BComp Dissertation (FYP). Therefore, a student should plan to finish the CP3208-CP3209 sequence before starting CP4101.
  • A student can take only one UROP module per semester.
  • CP3208 and CP3209 each contributes 4MCs to the semester workload.
  • The duration of UROP is inclusive of the vacation preceding each of the semester(s). Work starts in the vacation preceding the CP3208 semester.
  • During the vacation, students are expected to conduct full-time research. During the semester, the students are expected to spend a few hours per week on their project.

The CP3208 › CP4101 Track

This track is a provision for supervisors to propose a UROP project that spans only one semester. After the student has completed CP3208, it is expected that the student will continue on to his CP4101 - FYP (Final Year Project) - which spans two semesters.

Note that UROP and FYP are administered separately so though the the FYP might be seen as an extension of the UROP, the supervisor needs to put up two project proposals on the on-line project administration system -- one for UROP (indicating that it is CP3208›CP4101) and another for FYP.

As this track involves only one semester of UROP, it is only credited with 4 MCs. The student will have to submit a project report and prepare the oral presentation at the end of the semester. (See Reports and Evaluation below). A grade (worth 4MCs) will be given to the student for CP3208.

Application and Briefing

Application for UROP is open in every regular semester (Semester 1 and Semester 2). A mass email will be sent out to all students to inform them that application is open, and a briefing to interested students will be conducted. Eligible students can get the application form from the Office of Undergraduate Studies (COM1 #02-19), or download it from the UROP forms section of this site.

Past briefing materials that summarize the UROP requirements for the specific incoming cohort are available for reference on the Forms section of this UROP website.

N.B: this public site contains only general information for UROP. For specific rules for current or past cohorts, please check in IVLE or get in touch with the current UROP administrator.


  • For the Computational Biology programme, CP3208 and CP3209 is allowed to replace up to two of level-3 electives under the restriction that the UROP project must in the computational biology area (subject to approval of UROP coordinator).
  • For the Communications and Media programme, CP3208 and CP3209 (both required) is allowed to replace CS3342 Interactive Media Development Project, except for students in Concurrent programme with Carnegie Mellon University under the restriction that the project is in the media area (subject to approval of UROP coordinator).
  • For Computer Engineering and Computer Science programmes, CP3208 and CP3209 (both required) is allowed to replace CS3215 Software Engineering Project, under the restriction that the project contains significant programming content (subject to approval of UROP coordinator).

Exemptions are not available for students in the IS department.

Reports and Evaluation

N.B.: Rules for current UROP reports and evaluation will always be in the CP3208 and CP3209 IVLE sites. Please refer to the IVLE workbins and lessons plans for official details. Only a general overview of this process is given here for the benefit of prospective parties.

Towards the end of each semester, a UROP student must submit a report for evaluation.

For CP3208 (in the normal CP3208›CP3209 track), the student is to submit an interim progress report, which is evaluated by the supervisor. All CP3208 projects that show satisfactory progress must continue to CP3209.

If a CP3208 project does not show satisfactory progress, the supervisor may terminate the project. In this case, the student must submit the final report for CP3208 and make a project presentation. A grade for CP3208 (4 MCs) will be given and the project will be terminated. The assessment is based on work done during the semester and its preceding vacation.

For CP3209, as well as CP3208 in the CP3208›CP4101 track, the student is to submit the final project report, which is evaluated by two independent evaluators. The student must also give a poster presentation as part of the evaluation.


  • All requests to withdraw from CP3208 shall be handled by the Office of Undergraduate Studies. (Withdrawal forms can be downloaded from MySoC, see the Forms link above)
  • For CP3208, the deadlines for withdrawal [without penalty, with a withdrawn (W) grade, and with a fail (F) grade] follow those for other modules. In addition, a supervisor can terminate an unsatisfactory CP3208 project by the deadline for withdrawal with penalty.
  • Any withdrawal from CP3209 results in a fail (F) grade for both CP3208 and CP3209.

Academic Transcripts

  • A CP3208 project that continues to CP3209 (in the following semester) will have only the IP (In Progress) grade indicated in the transcript for CP3208 (4 MCs) for that semester. At the end of the second semester, when CP3209 is completed, the grade obtained for CP3209 (4 MCs) will also be the grade for CP3208.
  • A CP3208 project that does not continue to CP3209 (either through withdrawal or termination by the supervisor) will receive a letter grade for CP3208 (4 MCs) at the end of the semester.
  • The grade obtained for all UROP modules will be used to compute CAP.